Entry #39
12:42 PM, Wednesday, April 12th, 2000:
Tuesday, April 11th, 2000 - 9:30 - 10:45 PM
Again, illegal parking to the rescue. I was alone, so it took a little bit longer, but I was pretty much completely set-up with 15 minutes to spare.
Now when I got there the co-owner looked a little surprised, but I blew it off. I saw that Rob Henning guy who wanted to put me in his short film. He apologized for never calling me but said, things may still be on. Again, I couldn't get his phone number or anything, but he said I could sit in on a meeting about the film Thursday. COOL. Well I checked out the LULU calendar and fucking A I was booked for Thursday, not Tuesday. On top of that, we were 15 minutes away from the other band coming in and getting PISSED. Damnit. So I rush to tear down and the lady says I could go on after "Sonya: Ministry of Love", but then she said I couldn't because at 9:30 it gets really busy. Since Sonya was just a singer with a guitar I scooted the TVS back and made room for her. She seemed a little set back, but I saved her ass by giving her a mic and mic chord she didn't have. She was told they had a mic. Wow, how do you gig without bringing your stuff? Anyway, she did 90 minutes, and then I went on. Situation diverted, and hey the cafe bought me dinner! I should fuck-up more often...
Well Sonya's dad was there for her show (65-75 yrs. old)...So of course I started with the Harry set. Even though the other people there probably wouldn't dig it as much, I knew he'd like it. He smiled the ENTIRE time. I really felt good. For the first time out here, I felt like I was doing the "right" thing. Well, so I couldn't do the raunchy shit yet...so the love set...and pretty soon I realized he wasn't gonna leave. I did the most wholesome damn show in the world. People liked it though. I did do the pedophile verse on Michael Jackson, but he probably couldn't hear the words anyway. Yes, so I geared my entire show for 1 of the 10-12 people in the crowd, but that's me. I did it in radio too. It's not a smart move, but to see an old mand smiling and admiring my act. Man, this guy's seen a SHITLOAD of performers...from sinatra to the beatles - and he liked me. It's these little things that keep you going. Anyway, I'll be back on Thursday and I'll do the fun stuff. Thanks Sonya's dad...hope you had fun.
Oh, and of course my video for this entry is not of my performance, it's actually another part of Behind The Music 3. Not sure if i'm gonna be able to finish this as soon as I wanted. I really want to make this song sound good. And I simply don't have the equipment here to do it. I'll figure something out. But here's another piece of the video...damn this is cool. HERE
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