Entry #26
12:06 AM, Thursday, March 9th, 2000:
Wednesday, March 9th, 2000 - 8:00 - 9:15 PM
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Well, I didn't have a heart attack this time... Bad news is that I didn't feel any strain. I was hoping I had just pulled a muscle in my chest last time, but unfortunately I felt nothing, so that adds to my worry. I guess panic attack is the next theory on the list, but jesus, could it be? I was just overexcurting myself, I wasn't stressing about anything! Performing's the only time I feel like that! Oh well, ROOSE & JOOSE made the set-up a breeze, though the path to get there still SUCKS as you'll see in the video...
Had fun. Definitely nice to be up so early and know you're not getting into anyone's way. ComPLETEly fucked up the words in the life set. It had certainly been awhile...still funny though. And man it sucks that thr rhythym set is SCREWED now that my goatee is back! DAMNIT. It was pretty funny once...but if I could get the audience to hear me, they'd laugh at the irony of it as well. And onto the audience...
This may be the first gig where THIS section is non-existent. They want karaoke. That is why they are THERE. SON OF ALL THAT'S HOLY PLEASE UNDERSTAND THIS OWNER MAN! But he doesn't. I don't get it, but he wants me to be on Wednesays. A few people did enjoy it, but most were more interested in getting laid and knowing when karaoke was gonna be on... But there's always that one person that you effect that makes it worth it. You just keep pluggin' away.
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