Entry #25
11:32 PM, Sunday, March 5th, 2000:
First of all I am fine and have had nothing close to what happened Wednesday night, befall my body since. The theories on what it could've been ranged from a panic attack to pulled muscles to a leaky heart valve. Well, replaying the night in my head a couple million times, the best explanation that makes sense would be the muscle thing. That I simply pulled a muscle in my chest (explaining the pain), and being frightened 'caused the remaining symptoms of the heart rate and sweating. I'll pretty much know the second I try to lift another TV. My only problem with this idea is that my arms gave out before I had the chest pain. Not quite sure why it wouldn't be the other way around. As far as the panic attack theory goes, hell I guess anything's possible. Though that's about the only times out here I haven't stressed. You know? When I'm gigging, or being productive. That's when I'm happiest. And overall the past 3 weeks, though stressful on the money front, have been incredible for me. Putting together Palaur is completely invigorating. Knowing you're doing something no one has tried before has to be the greatest feeling in the world. I simply cannot wait until I can release the site in May. I may bump it up to sometime in April because it's going so well, but I want to be completely sure there are no mistakes. But again, I am absolutely PUMPED (heart pun intended) on this release. It's truly unique...
Alright, the real reason behind the newsletter: Barney's Beanery. This is where I played last Wednesday, and the two Wednesday's previous. It has to be the hardest place in the world to set up. Completely packed, I have to go through the entire bar and restaurant wiht people there, to put my gear up. And I have a shitload of gear. On top of that, I've had to play on Wednesday nights which is their karaoke night. EXTREMELY popular karaoke. And for good reason. Very talented singers on Wednesday nights. I still HATE IT, but every once and awhile even I have to stop and listen because it's that good. Well I played two Wednesday's ago and went back and forth with the karaoke. People were pissed to say the least. "Why the hell does HE get to do 45 minutes in the middle of our karaoke night"...hey I comPLETELY understand people. I think this is insane. Not sure what the owner's thinking here. But I did it for free to give them a taste figuring they'd realize if they gave me a night there, I could draw people in time. Nope, owner wanted me to play another Wednesday. ALRIGHTY THEN. So now the karaoke guy's pissed, the manager's shaking his head, and the karaoke patrons will still be pissed. No big deal I play another Wednesday. As long as they don't throw bottles we're fine. That was last week, and basically they were indifferent. They could've cared less. They were simply concerned because they though karaoke was off. My other problem is that it's busy yes, but busy with loud drunk people that want to sing. Not the best place to try and pull off 4tvs. So I'm stuck just doing the singing sets, and I can't touch the comedy stuff because it's too damn noisy in there. No biggie because some people did enjoy it, and Nigel (the karaoke guy) and I knew he'd throw me on a Tuesday or a Thursday. So Jess and I are invited in for a free dinner again tonight and the owner tolg the manager I can play on Wednesday's to gain a following. I seriously thought he was joking with me. He wasn't. He was DEAD serious. (sigh). Well, I said no. No one is benefitting when I interrupt karaoke, or even push it back 15 minutes. Why he doesn't see this is beyond me. I hurt the karaoke, the patrons could give a shit less. All they want to know is if they can sing "Achy Breaky Fuckin' Heart" tonight for their girlfriend. Nigel is about to lose his mind because it's cramped to begin with. I mean REALLY cramped, and now he has to set-up behind me....it'sjust stupid. Cannot do this again. The manager understood, and we laughed at the pure idiocy of all this. It's insane. Just give me ANY OTHER TIME. I don't care if it's afternoon. Don't care if it's DEAD to the world. The few people that are there will see it, remember it...and they WILL come back. But the owner wants me on a Wednesday night. Incredible. I really wish I could talk to the owner personally, but no one is as pumped about 4tvs as the GM is and I'd simply be stepping on his toes.
So we sat and talked for a little more. And as I was about to leave he mentioned that some old actor guy said something about me. He was a movie actor in the 60's. Was in some stuff with Jane Fonda and so on...I can't remember. Well, he liked the show. He said he liked that TVS guy, but left when karaoke started up. Well, that was about all Ben (GM) had to say. I started putting myself in my shoes roughly 3 months ago. I'd have been on my knees for an opportunity like this. And here I am, telling him "no" because I'm pissing people off. That on top of him saying I had "brass nuts" to try and perform that night...all made me say I'd do it. The only condition being I could start earlier. It's that one contact. It's that one person who I effect. It's basically that that is the most productive thing I can do for 4tvs on Wednesday right now, and I am in no position to turn it down. So I'm doing Wednesdays. Oh, and I have to call the karaoke guy and tell him. Thanks. I get to hear him bitch at ME. Nigel even said he ain't goin' through this shit again. We'll see what happens. I cannot worry about him anymore. I have my shtick, he has his. I need to do what I can and run with it. I'm still in shock though. How can you create a following for figure skating, if you make it the halftime show at the superbowl? I guess I could club a fellow karaoker, that may get them on my side. Ideally I write a specific 4tvs set for barney's and karaoke night poking fun at the whole thing. But I can't do that, because there is no guarantee I could ever even show it. I don't know. It's a sucky situation. I can't wait until the other gigs start going so I can have a bit of stability.
On that note, I'm applying for a job at 1KTV in LA. They're hoping to be the very first television station for the net, and they need an entire staff. Just so happens it's on the same street where I live about 5 minutes away. Drawback may be funding. We'll see how that goes. Exciting as hell if it works out.
Jessica is of course doing WONDERFULLY at Starbucks. I cannot say that enough. Girl gets up at 4:30 in the morning with a smile. I can't even go to bed at that hour without a bit of a frown. She is incredible.
Oh, and my aunt and uncle sent me an intel web cam! It's highly cool. If anyone has one email me and we can set up a video phone thingee. God love the 21st Century...
Oh AND THE MOVIE!! LOL. You guys should enjoy this. For the past 5 weeks, J-DOG our cat, has been howlin' to be let out. He would just walk around the house crying. And I mean really crying. Then he decided this just wasn't working, and he's now resorted to walking on the piano keys for attention. I swear to GOD, this cat hated the sound of the piano his whole life until right now. It always scared the hell out of him. Well not anymore. Jess and I will be sound asleep and we hear the piano keys. And it's not like he just walks across them to get from point A to point B...he'll hit a key and sit there. Just waiting. Then he'll move and wait. Maybe jump off...cry a little...so on.
Well I set up the camera late last night before I went to bed, and hoped that maybe within the hour that I had tape something would happen. Indeed right near the end (because it didn't even wake me up), he got on the piano, sat there for awhile then got up and hit a key. Then as if on cue just looks around...la-de-da...then jumps off and stares at the computer screen (which as you can see is on - I forgot to put my screen save back on - it was like that for about 8 hours...is that bad?) then cries and jumps out. It's strange because it definitely looks like he sees something at the end. But Jess and I were sound asleep. Ghosts? Judge for yourself. Either way, I'm very glad I got J-Dog Joel on tape...
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