Entry #34
5:42 PM March 24th, 2000:
First of all, what is up with Netscape? Does anyone use this browser? I noticed that when accessing palaur.com it wouldn't see there's a link there. I'm all pissed off and then I go to 4tvs.com and it's the SAME THING. It shows the opening page, but you can't use any of the links? WHAT THE HELL? Am I missing something? Or does no one use netscape anymore. Well, if you do, and you've been wondering why I keep updating you with pictures of entries but no real entries...uhm please change your default browser to Internet Explorer. I don't know why Netscape is lying on it's ass. They've had the same browser for nearly 2 years now. I dunno. Oh, and thank you to those who were able to check out the site. Many of you already bought it!!! Wow, your reactions have been a bit stunning to say the least. After living within the confines of webdom for so long, I wasn't sure if I was crazy about thinking it was really cool, or I was right. Seems I was right. Again, Palaur.com for those of you who haven't checked it out yet. It's truly something different. And even if you don't want to pay...there's a heckuva generous preview.
So to the matter at hand. Adam gets his ass a job. I crawled back to Sam Ash. LOL. And now it seems there are many guys in the running for "DOOR GREETER". So what I once scoffed at I'm now fighting for. Doesn't THAT figure. Well he gives me the ol' "Sterling Test". Many of you have taken this...I took it at CD101. Basically asks you all these questions about lying and stealing and tries to catch you in a contradiction. It actually got me once. Asked if I stole shit from work. I said no. I really didn't take all the office supplies people always say they take...lol. Then it asks if I had ever made a personal long distance call at work. I said yes. WHOOPS. 'Cause then 3 questions later it asks if I thought long distance calls were stealing...LOL. It's no biggie...I passed the test. Then he says: "Alright, we need to set-up an interview with our private investigator..." I actually said: "Uhm..excuse me?" Yes, I need to be in Hollywood at 9 AM Monday morning to meet with a private incestigator (LOL inVESTigator...great typo), so he can interview me and do a background check. WHAT THE HELL. I'm getting paid $6 and hour to say HELLO to the people walking into Sam Ash. And after the shock, and pure hilarity of it all dies down, I realize that to get to Hollywood in rush hour traffic, when you have to take the 101 and the 405 will take me 90 minutes to 2 hours. Now I'm just pissed. I gotta get up at 6 AM...for WHAT? Can't they do a background check with my SS number? Goddamnit. So Sam Ash is still pissing me off 2 months later...
But on the bright side...my tags came in. Oh yes, my beautiful damn 4tvs.com tags. I can't tell you how cool this is. Driving those busy ass streets Monday morning will be a lot nicer knowing I'm getting my name out there. Highly cool...check it out: CLICK ME
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Well, I'm off to read more reactions to Palaur...hope you can check it out soon. Oh and next entry Jess is gonna write a bit about Palaur. A couple months ago I asked her to say a few words about it, because a lot of people were surprised I was even doing a site about "another woman". Well, the site is more about how events influenced a body of music, but those events did center around a relationship. Jess'll give you her side on the next entry...
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