Entry #33
11:49 AM, Thursday, March 23rd, 2000:
Well, the day has finally come. All the late nights and hard work is over, and palaur.com is now officially released to the public. I still remember vividly the day I got my first batch of CDs. I actually videotaped it. The phrase: "OH MY GOD", was bantered around continually as I was so excited that I actually had my very own CD. As palaur.com came together I had those same feelings. It's the same feeling I got when 4tvs started to come together. You just want to stand on a rooftop and scream out your excitement. Palaur.com will be different though. It's forcing me to move a bit slower. As was the case with 4tvs, you can't really shout it out. No one will have any clue what the HELL you are talking about. Here's the first "flyer" of sorts for Palaur:
Palaur: im not as strong as you think i am
B610WTVN: THAT is all the strength you need
B610WTVN: you know exactly when you write something that is untrue
Palaur: whats that suppose to mean
B610WTVN: meaning you KNOW thats wrong
B610WTVN: you ARE strong..you've just been with someone who makes you feel like shit
B610WTVN: you are dead...you are not living
B610WTVN: you should never have to go through this shit
Palaur: think about how better off lives would be if i wasn't involved
Palaur: pat could do what he wanted, you could focus on your career and dreams..
B610WTVN: get off line
B610WTVN: now
Palaur: no
B610WTVN: im calling
B610WTVN: DAMMIT LAURA...you are scaring me
Palaur: i won't talk, i;ll just cry
B610WTVN: you need to hear my voice
Palaur: it won't be worth your time
B610WTVN: you dont have to say a word
B610WTVN: now
Palaur: why doesn't he love me
B610WTVN: sign off
B610WTVN: please 
Two years ago I had an amazing experience, and now it's your turn:
Today, my 3rd original music release is open to the public...
A completely new way to tell a story...
You will not find "based on a true story" near www.palaur.com
This is the most detailed true story you will ever experience.
Made up of 18 original recordings of 11 new songs...
26 personal video clips...
The last 6 WTVN Late Shows...
and held together by my unedited personal journal...
...www.palaur.com will make you feel.
Set aside some time and look through the free preview, and I promise you'll be intrigued...
There's a series of 7 advertisements like this that I'll be putting in coffeshops around LA. I'd love to do it in color, but don't think that will be possible yet. It's a strange product to sell. A great challenge. How to get someone to be intrigued enough to turn on their computer and type in an address. Man, the internet has truly changed everything.
So please when you've got some time, check it out. The preview is pretty in depth, and will give you a feeling for whether you care to continue. For you the 4tvs supporters, I've included a sneak preview movie that you will find within Palaur. Giddy-up.
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MARCH 2000