Entry #30
7:48 PM, Sunday, March 19th, 2000:
---> FIRST OF ALL!!! <---
136 of you are getting this email for the first time in 5 weeks!! I reformatted my harddrive then, and used the list from the last email. Within it were all of these (136 apparently) semicolons.. ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; every couple of lines. Apparently these were people's names? I have no clue what happened. Well I found an old list and I'll be goddamned if nearly half the list was erased. No CLUE how or why this happened, but it's good now. Unfortunately that means you've missed a HELLUVA lot of stuff. Please check out: http://www.4tvs.com/Journey/Pages/febjournal.html to get caught up. From Grammy Parties to Heart Attacks, it's been a wild month. As well, many of you may be getting the email twice, so please tell me if this is occuring...
But today came the biggest bummer of ALL. I guess I didn't even realize how excited I was about this, until it didn't happen. I booked 3 weeks at the Gardenia in Hollywood. They have a billboard outside their lounge saying the acts each week. Well this was the biggest thrill thus far in lala land. To have my name on a billboard on Santa Monica Blvd. in Hollywood. I drove there today, got out my camera and BAM... wasn't there. Charmaine Mancil was playing instead.
YouTube link added 02.13.09
After the bummedness wore off I wondered if there was a problem, but when I got home and checked the recording, and it still said I'm playing. So, damnit. I was REALLY excited. It was a great way to celebrate my 30th entry, and I was gonna pose the question to all of you: "What entry will a break happen?...a REAL break?" Thought it'd be cool for you guys to throw some guesses out and see what transpires. I still figure honestly I'll be in the hundreds, but who knows. It's a good a thing as any to bet on I guess. And the Buckeyes lost GODAMNIT (comPLETEly off the subject I know). Man they had the #1 AND #2 go down, they could've sailed to the Final 4. Oh well, if you can't beat Miami, you don't deserve to "sail" anywhere.
Great news about Palaur.com: MARCH 23RD is when it will open!!! I'm extremely excited!!! Everything is final on the pricing as well: The preview is obviously free...roughly ten percent of the site: 3 original songs, 2 videos, and some radio bits. To finish the story and get the rest (over 60 downloads in all!) is $11 for credit card, and $10 by check. Believe me, when you get to the end of the preview, you'll see the value in continuing. I'm extremely excited about this new form of storytelling. As a songwriter to be able to show such insight to the writing process, really is a thrill. The testers who have completed so far have been very moved. There's some great quotes at the end of the preview. So this Thursday it is released!!!
Oh, and the next 4 days will be very busy when it comes to updates. Tomorrow of course will be the Gardenia, Tuesday the ULTIMATE!!! MY 4TVS.COM PLATES HAVE COME IN!! Amazing, $400 for tags, but $35 for vanity plates? LA is BACK-ASSwards. Wednesday is Barney's, and of course Thursday is the gran opening of PALAUR.COM! Oh and by the way, the Ha-Ha gig is no longer for this Friday. To tell you the truth I cannot afford $20 to enter a contest in which I have to make a completely new 4tvs set to be stand-up...when it's audience reaction based. I don't care how good I do, the other comics will bring their friends, and well...I have none. LOL. Either way..$20 is just too damn hard to come by right now. There'll be other shows. As it is I have too many!
So there's Entry #30, please reply and say what entry you think will be the big break. LOL "I say entry NEVER Adam, heh heh"
Jess & Adam
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MARCH 2000