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12:11 AM, Thursday, March 16th, 2000:
Wednesday, March 15th, 2000 - 8:00 - 9:15 PM
Illegally parked and were able to load HELLA-quick. :-) Cop was circling though. We made it through unscathed.
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Sit back, and relax...'cause this is a good one:
More people tonight asking me about karaoke then ever before. I'm starting to turn a bit pissy, but I sure do try to be polite. Even when I explain to people what it is...they don't get it. But I politely say that karaoke starts at 10 PM, and they go their merry way. Well as I start to sing, Jess hands me a note that says the party in front are all from THE WILLIAM MORRIS AGENCY. Well GIDDY-GODAMN-UP, it's about time I have a shot to perform for people that may be able to help me. They seemed into it, although I know they were there for karaoke. But, it still went well. Of course of ALL the nights my computer came unplugged in the middle of a song and the bottom left TV was out. I could've stopped the show, but no one even knew what the hell I was doing let alone that the bottom TV was out. So they got to see the very first performance of 3TVS. In the middle of a song, one of the agents gets up and hands me a card with personal writing on it. How awesome is that. Not just his card, but he took the time to either write a personal phone number or something. I couldn't tell. So the rest of the show went pretty well. No one could hear, as well as me, but the manager again told me I was too loud. I've given up on that. Life set goes great, the William Morris people dug J-Dog, and as I finished Abbey Road, I could not WAIT to read that card. "World-Wide Kara-FUCKIN'-oke" (I added the fuckin) was the writing on the William Morris Agency card. It NEVER fails. Karaoke will absolutely haunt me. I was obviously a bit confused...did they THINK I was karaoke? This is the GODDAMN William Morris Agency! They can't be that stupid. So I go up and talk to the guy and he tells me all about the new exciting division of karaoke completely focused on karaoke because it's so HUGE now. They even have a movie coming out with Gwyneth Patrow "DUETS"...about you guessed it: Karaoke. Guys, I am shitting myself right now. I've driven 2500 miles across the country to HOLLYWOOD. AND ALL THEY CARE ABOUT IS KARAOKE. One of the William Morris guys asked me: "But, Why aren't you doing karaoke?" "Uhm, I'm trying to do something different" Looked completely confused as if to say..."well jesus all this set-up...and you're not doing karaoke!"
I'M LOSING MY MIND. Karaoke is now my "NEWMAN". Everywhere I turn it screws me. Completely. And even when I give in. I drive to the damn FARMER'S MARKET an hour away...and then it's CANCELLED. NEWMAN! Or I play for the damn Barney's crowd and they literaly scream at me to get off so karaoke can start....NEWMAN! Or the DAMN WILLIAM MORRIS AGENCY has a party there. THE LORD SHINES UPON ME! An agent gives me a card, I'm happy. IT'S FOR THE FREAKIN KARA-NEWMAN-OKE division. NEWMAN. I now picture the fat guy from seinfeld every time the word karaoke is spoken. The irony just drips from the situation. I guarantee Jess and I will get tickets to the Hollywood premiere of DUETS too... So life continues... NEWMAN.
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