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11:35 PM, Tuesday, May 14th, 2000:
Tuesday, March 14th, 2000 - 7:00 - 9:15 PM
How wonderful is this...about 5 steps from car to stage. Completely set-up in 25 minutes. Thank you Jessie JOOSE!
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Well, I really had to be quiet and was alright with that. But I could almost hear myself TOO well. I was having a hard time knowing what to push and what not to push because it was so quiet. Started with Harry, and eventually got louder. Everything sounded good, and Michael Jackson sounded particularly good tonight. The reaction was the best yet in LA...
At first I did Harry to be a little quiet and nonchalant, 'cause it was a small coffee house...and the tables left...lol. Now they looked like they had been there awhile so I couldn't take it too personally...but they were definitely bored. Heh, I can fix that. Things started rolling along when a guy by the name of Rob Henning showed up and wouldn't take his eyes off the tvs. Loved it. This always helps. I even had the balls to play 'A Day in the Life'...which is a rather risque 4tvs movie to say the least...It was cool. Definitely dug it. Seems this guy is making a short film to woo investors for a bigger production, and he wants me in it. Loves 4tvs. And that is reason enough to play anywhere...LOL. The rest of the place really came together and one of the owners wants me to come back on a busier night, and try to make it a weekly thing. Well, I'm booked for April and May on Fridays and Saturdays, but maybe Thursdays? I don't know. Biggest drawback is I can't afford to play for free when I could be paying bills at a real job. It's getting difficult. It's great they want me...but DAMN. Ya know? Well, we'll see... They're booked until April at LEAST and I will see what she wants to do. I wouldn't mind maybe doing 3 Thursday nights in a row. That'd be cool. But the movie thing is KILLER. That's very exciting, and really keeps my spirits high. Time will tell!!
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MARCH 2000