Entry #27
Saturday, March 11th, 10:04 PM, 2000:
On a day when I should be praising the sweet lord, I once again get burned by the devil that is karaoke. Ya see, Danny Rae (the "connected" guy who saw me at Barney's 3 weeks previous and thinks I need to sing karaoke for exposure) asked me personally to come down this Saturday to help him out. I hadn't been going the past 2 weeks, one because Jess was sick, and the other because I HATE IT. You're all more than aware of my passionate loathing of karaoke. Well today, I was finally going and was gonna do the right thing for myself and go sing here. It's a big deal, I guess, and it's more exposure than sitting on the computer. So I make the 45 minute trek down there - and it's cancelled indefinitely. The fire department said the crowd was too big and they could no longer do it. That, and Danny is nowhere to be found.
When the only reason to be at a place is to be seen (which makes my skin crawl to say), and the guy ain't there, your day is screwed. What a waste. Jess and I just went and sat on a bench in west hollywood. We did however get some video of a rising star you should be hearing soon. His name is Hoamlez Kraezeeman (pronounced homeless crazy-man), and he is VERY good. I'm glad I got to see him first hand.
YouTube link added 02.13.09
In other news, Palaur.com will be released on April 1st (no foolin') as opposed to May 1st. I was somehow able to complete everything. The testers are still working on the last few pages, and I'm still working out all the legistics. If you don't remember, I'm releasing a site instead of a CD for my next project. The music is heavily influenced by events that happened a couple years ago, and I took a very detailed journal during this time. The story, along with the music, plus movies and Late Show clips (my old talk show), will all be released on April 1st, 2000. It really is a unique mix, that I hope can inspire others to release their material in the same manner. I cannot tell you how excited I am. 18 songs, 26 movies, 15 Late Show clips...the site is HUGE, and it's all within a true story. Hope you're looking forward to it.
On the 4tvs front I have 2 gigs this week. Tuesday at Lulu's Beehive, a small coffeehouse in Studio City, and again Wednesday at Barney's. If you're in the Columbus area, by all means fly LA and come see me! I'd love to have you. (sigh) As well, we are inching closer and closer to the elusive Ahhh! Capella gig. The 12 show engagement I booked at the end of January. That should erally be something else.
Oh, and if you happen to have no clue what the hell this is, or who I am? Please email me back and yell at me. I'll gladly take you off the list. I've been getting my share of junkmail lately and it sucks. I know. So just tell me...but why don't you love me? :-)
Jess & Adam
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MARCH 2000