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12:29 AM, February 5th, 2000...
Friday, February 4th, 2000 - 8:00 - 8:30 PM
Wow, this now becomes a bit more interesting. By the end in Columbus this was a nonexistent entry because it was so routine. Not the case here. Place opened at 8, and the workers got there at 7 PM. Without Marty MOOSE - that's pushin' it. When I got there the two guys were pretty shitty. They had no clue who I was, and seemed suspicious. This gig was booked less than 3 days previous so I guess that's understandable. Jess and I kicked ass along with the help of Rachel (the supplier of our sofa bed). She will now be called Moose with boobs. No that doesn't work. How 'bout Rachel ROOSE. Yeah we can't call her MOOSE that was all Marty's. Oh, and now Jess said she needed a name, so she's Jessie JOOSE. ANYWAY, we were unloaded and set up within 45 minutes and ready to go. Now...will everything work after the trek to LA?
*only played Rigby and Lurid **only played Screw You
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(sigh) You know I couldn't possibly have a first show without controversy. Performance-wise was good. Forgot a line to Learn How to Drive...that's about it. Sang Michael Jackson pretty good. Overall everything was fine except for the length. I was promised 45 minutes to an hour, and the guy made me get off after 30 minutes because "I didn't bring anyone". Uhm, you booked me like 2 days ago NIMROD. The owner wasn't there so I really didn't get into it. Ooh, this should be in reaction...
Hmmm...how could there be? Doors opened at 8 PM. By around 8:15 or 8:20 people started to come in and were sitting down and watching. I was happy to at least be playing to some new faces. Unfortunately it was a REALLY young crowd, and they seemed almost to young to grasp the concept. Chick comes up to me before I start: "So like, uhm...why do you have tvs?" "I sing in each of them..." "Why?" (sigh)...She must've been about 15. Nice boobs though. ANYWAY, a few people started getting into it around 8:20, and then 5 minutes later - guy says I have 5 minutes. The fuck? I do one song, and Jess talks to him. "I thought he had at least until 8:45?" "Hey, he didn't bring anyone so he's off at 8:30..." Now of course, I don't hear this. I figured that I was just having too much fun and time went by quickly. We got the stuff off-stage quick and put it into this "green room" to tear down. Done in ten minutes, and loaded in the car in another 30. Not without a little skirmish. The guy that was being a dick earlier was in the back while we were trying to load. "That isn't good for your back..." This to Jessica who's about 5 foot 2, and trying to help out. He meanwhile is about 6 foot 4. Would barely open the door. Then he made some comment to me about not bringing anyone...
"I just wanted to show some people the concept and try it out for an hour..."
"Well, then you served your purpose..."
"For 30 minutes maybe..."
(some comment about how I can't expect much when I don't bring anyone...)
"Hey when did you guys know about my show?"
"You mean when we put it in print?"
"Yeah buddy..."
"It's been done for 2 weeks..."
"He booked me 3 days ago..."
I shouldn't have been too shitty. This guy wasn't told anything. But he's obviously used to dealing with punk-ass 9th grade bands. They do like 4 bands a night for about an hour - and all their classmates with their cute little back-packs jump around. Tiny backpacks are so rad. It's too bad though, because it's a great place to play. Big room, big stage, but I'm a little past this stage of musicianship. All in all it was definitely nice to set-up and make sure everything ran. It had been over a month, and everything was smashed into that trailer and lugged across the country. Everything ran smoothly. And really, I can't be too bummed because I get to call the owner and be a litle perturbed. Who knows what I can get out of it. Then again, I can't see me playing here again. My target audience is obviously 20's and 30's and if I'm gonna do 90 minutes of set-up and teardown for a couple songs - it just ain't worth it. So starts the LA career. Cool. Giddy-up.
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