Entry #16
10:16 PM February 3rd, 2000
I cannot believe it took 11 days. The title of this entry may not do justice to the news I'm about to write. Then again, since we've being eating on roughly $1.25 a DAY (no shit), McDonalds is like eating caviar...
Something that I tried for 6 months to get in Columbus, I get in Hollywood in 11 days. I will be performing at a theater in Hollywood EVERY Friday and Saturday night starting at the end of March for half the door. He's booked me a minimum of 6 WEEKS because that's how long I have to be on in order to get reviewed. Yes reviewed. That means this guy's serious about getting press on 4tvs. He told me he watched the tape I gave him twice, and thought it was incredible. "Very professional, and very well done. I still don't know how you edited all that..."
The place is called "Ahhh! Capella". Yeah, if that isn't the sign of all signs. It's a little performance art house with roughly...I'd say 40-50 seats. He said we could charge $5. Now I probably won't be the only act for long. Companies rent out the space for plays, and I'd be the opener on those nights. I'll be doing an hour every night, but I'll probably do more when I'm the only act. To tell you the truth, I've ALWAYS wanted an opportunity to be the opener. I want people to think about me while they're watching what they came for. It's kind of a shitty pleasure for me, but it's kind of like coming off the bench and KICKING ass. It just feels good. I of course don't want to be on the bench forever, but then again 4tvs is an opener for my career in a sense. I know I won't be doing it forever. It's my opener to the world.
Obviously the biggest part about all of this is the press. That makes this THE starting point for the rest of my career. PERIOD. It was something I wanted so badly in Coumbus. Anyone who talked to me during the latter half of '99 knew I was simply searching for that weekly gig that I could point people to, and that the press could write about. Well, this guy's giving me the opportunity. His faith in the show will make this roll. He handed me 12 Friday and Saturday gigs. And this is the sort of place that people go to on the weekends simply because they know that cool shit is gonna be there. Artsy people that like seeing new and different stuff. They tell their friends and...wow. This really is huge. I'm not sure I can even grasp what an amazing break this is. And so quickly...
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"I find I'm so excited I can barely sit still or hold a thought in my head..."
I feel the way I did the day I booked my first gig. I went to a picnic table near Champps (where my first gig was), and I just stared at the sky and yelled. I had a feeling of accomplishment that I had never felt before. I couldn't believe that the hard work had paid off. All the thousands of dollars, and the infamous moment that I always flashback to: buying the televisions. Handing my credit card to the cashier and buying 4 TVs. It was such a gut check of a moment. There was no turning back...AT ALL. How do you rationalize 4 TVs? But at that moment on the picnic table, I knew I was on the right track (little did I know the disaster that awaited me on the first gig). Be sure to check out the shows section of the site and read about that fateful night. Heh heh. What a way to start off 4tvs.
I also have two other gigs that I booked yesterday that I initially got on the computer to tell you about. Right before I went to write this Entry I decided to call "Ahhh! Capella" to see what was up. OH AND THERE'S A LESSON TO BE LEARNED THERE FELLOW MUSICIANS:
This guy felt THAT strongly about 4tvs, yet I still had to call him. YOU have to knock down that door. YOU. YOU. YOU. No one else will do it for you. I'm gonna put my entire Columbus phone log on the net in a couple of days so you can see what I went through with some people. I'm a bit uneasy about putting the current one up because I may alienate myself. I can definitely be honest to a fault sometimes, but I have no reservations about the Columbus one. I burned no bridges in Columbus, and was completely honest about the DICKS. Bottom line is my motto in life: "It's amazing how lucky you get when you work your ass off" So don't wait for them to call you. I they say they're gonna watch your tape, call 'em in two days and ask how it was. If they ask for a week obviously give it to them, but never let up. Don't EVER SAY THIS SENTENCE: "Well, I gave 'em a tape and they never called back..." People that utter those words are nimrods that don't deserved to be called back. Of the 43 places I am currently working here in LA (with roughly 5 calls/visits each), I have 3 call backs. Think about that.
Anyway, the Ha Ha gig is actually a contest. A 10 week contest worth $2500 to the winner, $500 for 2nd place, and $250 for 3rd. The guy running it really dug the tape and said he would find a way to work around my long set-up. I'm gonna write a set specifically for this contest. I need 7 minutes of material that will make me stand out in a batch of (get this) 140 comedians. What a great challenge. I can't wait to start working on it.
In other news (man a lot has happened already this month), I had a meeting today with a guy who's producing a movie right now. He was interested in my 4tvs tape and wanted to talk with me. This of course was pretty big news, and I knew I had to look my best. This could be a big break. So I picked up half my tooth and stuck it back in, and it worked. I just had to be sure to put my tongue on it to keep it in place in between sentences, but I knew for this meeting it was pretty necessary to have it in. No way a Hollywood producer would take me serious in THIS town with a my front tooth chipped in half. Well not a whole lot came of the meeting other than him wanting to get me involved in some way. This may be a way for me to bring a little cash home doing GRUNT work. WHO CARES! At least it's grunt work on a movie set. I'll find out more next week, but the highlight of the conversation was my tooth falling out.
I did a video re-enactment of it for you. It was quite an adrenaline rush. He was looking down at my CD when I touched my lower lip to my tooth and "pop". FUCK ME. Somehow I slipped it back into place in what had to be THE most nerve racking 3 seconds - and he never noticed. The only thing worse than having a chipped tooth in this situation would be knocking it out while you're TALKING to the guy. If you could've seen my face, it might have been the funniest thing you ever saw. For now you'll just have to "make-believe" with the video re-enactment. Enjoy.
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Well, that's it. Sorry there's not more to tell you about right now. Hopefully something will happen in the coming days that's interesting.
Oh, and Jess wanted me to tell you that Starbucks is going absolutely perfect. I really think in a year she's gonna OWN one. I've never seen her so gung-ho before. I can't tell you how happy that makes me. The guilt of taking her so far away from home is starting to fade as I see her so successful. And on top of all this, Jess and I got a bit sunburned today lying by the pool. :-) Man, am I asking for a bunch of "Fuck you" emails or what?
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