Entry #23
8:46 PM February 29th, 2000:
I looked up, and a week passed. Wow. I've left the house ONCE since "Tootie". That was of course to go finally pass the drivers test. Damn stupid test. The 2 out of 36 I missed STILL pissed me off. Stupid laws. Won't even start.
So why has Adam been a slug? Well, I was stupid enough to put up a few pages of Palaur last week, and got some reaction. Well, really good reaction. And since that time (roughly last Monday) I haven't stopped. I've never in my life put so much work into a compacted amount of time. Palaur has become 10 times the work I thought it would be, and it really is starting to come together. I think I'm on to something here. I feel the way I did when I thought of 4tvs. And with the way people are reacting so far, I may be right. If I could just say thank you to the 3 testers who have dilligently worked with me. Stephen, Matt and Amber. They have downloaded and tested everything I've done and really shaped what the site is going to become. I really believe that once up, this site could start a new way of thinking as far as "releases" are concerned in the music industry. Artists are already telling record companies to eat it, and looking for more creative ways to put out their material. This certainly is a way. I hate to get everyone excited and then say it's coming May 1st...but it is. As much as I'm working, and as hard as I'm going at this...it will take that long.
And, I need to lay-off it and go get a job. HA! I've given 4tvs the initial push that it needed, and it's paying off big time. Have you checked out the shows section lately? WOW. It's highly impressive. More than I ever had in Columbus. Booked 3 nights at the Gardenia, so my name will officially be in lights in Hollywood. You will be seeing that footage later in March. I've also given Palaur.com the push it will need to make the rest of the site a bit easier. I cannot believe the amount of time it has taken already. I cannot wait to release it. But for now, we must get some money - quickly. The unexpected costs of things have killed us. Like my car lease went up ten bucks a month because I live in California. WHAT? Yup...tax. Uhm, my freakin insurance not only went up - but went CRAZY. Jess and I are now approaching the $500 a month mark just to be insured. They quoted us $400 and then upped it. We still haven't gotten a why out of them. It may be because (and I literally went POSTAL when I saw this, nah we can't afford postal - I WENT PONY) our driving points all went up. A LOT. I had 4 points on my record. I now have 8 points on my record. Why? I moved. I FREAKIN' MOVED. The California DMV rates things differently. So my 2 point "improper passing" violation I got when I was at WTVN for christ's sake is now 4 POINTS. It's getting crazy. We're forking over money hand and foot, and can't keep up. Me getting a job will help, but not much mind you. This is all without having to pay RENT! The $1000 a month for that was already paid! So things are a bit shaky. I pray that by the end of next month when my gigs start really goin', that I can make some extra money and get some good exposure. 'Cause at this rate, we're in trouble.
(sigh) So we keep on trying - Jess is amazing, kicking an insane amount of butt at starbucks. I swear she'll own one in a year. Her spirits are definitely high as well because she gets to plan a wedding. Those two things have kept her busy and happy...thank GOD, 'cause the money is enough stress to kill you. You know I always said that if money was your only problem, you had no problems. Well, that is true. Because right now everything in my life is so exciting. I'm on the verge of so much. I am completely happy. But ever since November of '98, the day I thought up 4tvs, I've been scrimping and saving to no end. To the point now where, if anything were to break down - I'd be done. Credit cards are filled, and bills are rollin'. So, lemme rephrase my earlier thought: Hell yes you have problems if you have REAL money problems. So many people think their life is rough because they live paycheck to paycheck. Yeah... well - got news for you: THIS IS SCARY. I have seriously thought about radio again, and even if it's not the best thing for 4tvs, I may have to do it. Nowhere can I get more money than in radio with my experience. We'll see. Still makes my head hurt to think about it.
I really hope that this journal doesn't end up with us back in Columbus. That would be my saddest moment. To know I was here, and had it in the palm of my hands...and let it go. Whew. It'd make for a great album though. Keep your head up Adam, it's gonna happen.
Jess & Adam

Oh! Yeah, the movie...heh heh. First, you see me in the position I've been in for half this month. And in my hallucination of watching the flickering screen for so long, I come to myself and say to GET OFF MY ASS because it's March already. You should enjoy this... MOVIE

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