Entry #22
3:19 AM - February 24, 2000:
...no that's it guys: Tootie. I saw Tootie. You take the good, you take the bad: TOOTIE. Black girl on Facts of Life. Absolutely no one came. We waited for 4 hours and then got bored. All the press were lined up, there were hundreds of people there, and no one came. Now part of me thinks that at like 3 AM - everyone came a hoppin, but I doubt it. Once I saw the press leave around 12:30 AM, I realized that was it. Lest you forget: INVITATION
We got there at 9 PM, because Ben at Barney's let me have the nigt off to go. I called him to see if I could reschedule and he said: "Are you kidding? GO! What are you waiting for!" So that was cool...I'm playing there next Wednesday now. We get there and there's only valet parking. There was some self-parking but it was quite far, and I was willing to give a $5 tip to feel all special. Hell everything was comped for $250 a person. Went to get a drink, and heard the bartender tell someone: "That's $24 even..." YOU MUST BE KIDDING ME. $9 for a drink. $6 for a beer...$4 for WATER. So we sat down. Then they brought out some KICK-ASS hors-d'oeurves....shit I spelled that wrong... Everything. Guy actually gave Jess and I the plate of cocunut shrimp. Chicken, beef - oh and my favorite: Spinach-kopitas...LOL any greeks out there will enjoy that. They're actually Spinakopitas (or they're pronounced like that anyway), chick said Spinach-kopitas and I had to laugh. But we ate gooood. Lots of people were there. The people who attended the grammies got there around 10 PM. Not that they were famous, but they had tuxes on and I overheard them talking. Once it hit 11:30 I started to wonder. I walked back out where we came in and everything was roped off. There were people everywhere waiting with cameras and lights and all sorts of stuff...it was quite the site. Apparently they waited there for 2 hours or so and gave up. It was cleared out by a little after midnight. When Jess and I left it was close to 1 AM, and there were but a few people there.
Now there was tootie. And the hot brunette from Sex in the City was there too. But TOOTIE. Hell yeah. I saw her dancing and wasn't quite sure, and then some chick yelled: "KIM!" and got her picture taken with her.
So being the sly dawg that I was I of course got video for all of you. Now I guess you're gonna have to just take my word on it that it's her. I could've said it was Janet Jackson because as she walks away there's definitely a resemblance, but I thought I'd be honest. Heh, Jess and I seriously considered not showing you any footage and saying they wouldn't allow cameras. Then talk about how cool it was to meet everyone. But the fact that the whole night was topped off with TOOTIE. That's just too classic. So enjoy the film...
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Oh, I take that back - there was even a bigger surprise! $6 for the first 1/2 hour. $8 for each additional hour. That would be $30 for parking folks. Ooh, but there was a discount today boys and girls! $24 maximum for 24 hours! WOO HOO! Have you any clue what $24 means right now? Our last grocery bill for roughly 10 days of food was $14. (sigh) Live and learn. That basically paid for the food we ate I guess. Imagine if we had paid $500. Actually the guy asked me how I was gonna pay when I first got there and I was able to convince him that it was comped. That was a bit unnerving. Oh well...
So there it is. The first big Hollywood party. Tootie. Damnit, couldn't it have at least been Blair? Maybe even Jo? At least it wasn't Natalie...yeah...damn straight. At least it wasn't Natalie...
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