Entry #21
This entry is a big 3 for 1 special ladies and gentleman! Yes three seperate entries rolled into one fantabulous day. February 20th, 2000!
2:44 AM, February 20th, 2000,
I guess your body just tells you sometimes. It's a good thing I listen to it...
It's very late, and I've been trying to sleep. I feel horrible. Something is wrong, and I can't put my finger on it. I'll explain the day:
This was the big karaoke day. The guy I met at Barney's Beanery on Wednesday, Danny Ray, runs this karoke night at the farmer's market. As I drive there I'm still confused on why I'm going. Danny said to me Wednesday that this was the next step, and we'll see if I took the opportunity. Fine, fine, I'm goin'. I'll come to your karaoke. Maybe he didn't see enough in my act, or something...not sure. I get there and he immediately takes me to the front office to talk to the lady in charge of entertainment. He is sure I can have my own night there doing 4tvs. She's not there, but he tells me to give her a tape and cd and come back down to the karaoke that's gonna start in roughly an hour. I don't have my videotapes with me damnit. I just brought a CD to sing 'I am The Walrus' to...Well, I have an hour, and I'm in HOLLYWOOD. I've dropped off a dozen tapes in the area, and I thought I'd go back to these places and see if they had any tpaes lying around. Kibitz room? Nope. Barney's? Nope. Gardenia? Nope. Damn. Guess I have to come back tomorrow to drop off the tape. I was surprised at how well I knew the landscape of Hollywood though...
Danny has me set to go 3rd and I choose Stevie Wonder's Superstition. Always a good crowd pleaser, because people don't think I white boy can sing Stevie...I like that. I do it, it rocks..people come up to me and tell me how good it was...all is good. I start meeting people and Danny introduces me and DAMNIT if everyone of them says: "Yeah, I've heard of that..." Talking about 4tvs... WELCOME TO LA. Everyone is "connected" right? So of course they know Danny's knew protege... I was polite. These people were lying through their teeth. Anyway, this is the karaoke to end all karaoke's. It's basically auditions. One after another. People have gotten HUGE TV roles, Plays, movies...vegas - EVERYTHING. The place is located right on CBS Studios. They own it all. So the singers get a chance to come down and show potential producers what they got. Either the crowd loves you or they're polite. So after my song I watched and listened closely. And you know what? It's just like any freakin' karaoke. If you flatly sing Mambo #5 you're still cheered on because people got to dance around. It's pathetic. This is what gets me about karaoke. Anyone who was a real singer/musician wouldn't BE HERE. But REAL musicians and singers are. And they get great exposure out of it. I HATE IT. I'm sitting there for 4 hours watching it OVER and OVER and OVER when all I'd really like to do is listen to one person sing THEIR music...
Danny got me on again, and this time I decided to do the a capella "I am the Walrus". Anyone who knows me knows that this has always been my proudest achievement in all of a capelladom. A song so structured on instruments and orchestras and sounds, I did with my voice. It's the one thing I can still listen to and I think to myself: "Man, I really have a talent here..." So I get up there, explain that it's all voice and that I did the background and as I start to get into it, I realize that no one's gonna care because it doesn't have a dance beat. They can't bop their heads to it. Of course the woman who sang fuckin' "love shack" afterwards was all the rage. I got a few yoo-hoos and yee-haws afterwards, and I have to hope any producer out there would've seen the how difficult what I just performed was...but I just wanted to crawl in a hole and die. And not because of my performance at all. I kicked ass, I sounded great and some people really saw that. But I just felt shitty...
I went back to my car and got home and I just hurt. My stomache felt bad, and I couldn't sleep and I just felt horrible. Like a deep depression. It was really strange. Why? I did great today! I really did. And when it all comes down to it - I don't want to do karaoke. I can't believe that I am basically being forced into a situation where me doing "I am the Walrus" a capella is shit because people can't DANCE to it. KARAOKE! God, why is this so freakin' BIG? I don't like hearing it, seeing it, sitting through it...being in it...it's pathetic. It's such a complete waste of time and the second Danny sang "Achy-Breaky Heart" I should've left. Man, I'd be embarassed to have written that fuckin TWO CHORD song. Yes, it's actually 2 chords. Let alone try to sing like it in karaoke. I mean for christ's sake a guy did a weird al song. How much more unorginal can you POSSIBLY get. I mean I always felt no matter how good my parody songs were they were always a notch BELOW the real song, or any original that I write. You're stealing the melody and all thos music. And this guy steals the parody to sing for karaoke. (sigh)
So that's why I feel sick. I've come all the way out here, and put my entire life into a project that IS original - and spent the last 5 years of my life ALWAYS trying to do something better, more creative, and be an innovator for others to follow - and I have to do this? The right thing to do is to be at every karaoke this guy does. Sing some songs as good as I can, and hope I attract the right person. Schmooze and schmooze. It's not that I doubt myself as a singer, it's just that EVERYONE can do that. BIG FREAKIN' DEAL. You hear one great singer you've honest to GOD heard them all. I want to do something DIFFERENT. I want to raise the bar everytime I perform. I want there to be one person out there that sees 4tvs who's inspired to pursue something bigger and better. And that's not gonna happen watching some white boy bob his head and sing the karaoke version of Superstition. AHHHHHHHHH.....
Man I sure can write a lot sometimes. On the other front it looks like I'm booked at the Gardenia a couple dates in March. It's a cabaret club and here's the biggie: My name would be on the maquee... :-) That would be the first time ever. In Hollywood on Santa Monica Blvd. What a thrill. You KNOW you're getting a movie of that.
Yeah, so things are actually doing really good. I'm just bummed that my contact of Danny Ray has to consist of fucking karaoke. The absolute bain of my existence. And I know there's people reading this that dig it and have fun with it. And I guess I can remember being at cast parties in highschool and them bringing it out...no - I still hated it. I remember distinctly going to another room and just playing piano and singing. I'm just no fun I guess. Well at least I feel better now. Maybe I can get some sleep. I'll finish this tomorrow...
The next day...
No, I'm just sick. HA HA. That's why I felt like shit.... Now, all I wrote before was completely true about how I feel about karaoke. But my body feeling like shit - well that's just a cold.
Well, I have to drop a tape off at FARMER'S MARKET and pick up a free lunch at Barney's. Gotta dig it. Oh did I tell you about that? The manager keeps giving me free stuff. It's great. You can imagine how badly I need a free meal. Then again, no meal is ever free they say...
10:48 PM, February 20th, 2000,
Drop off the tape, and Jess and I head over to Barney's. I can't tell you what it feels like. Danny was talking with Ben (the GM) and I walk up and they're all happy to see me. Immediately talk about how we have to get 4tvs a night at the market and at the beanery and then Ben asks us if we're hungry.
HE GOES AND TELLS PEOPLE WHO WERE ALREADY SITTING THERE TO MOVE TO ANOTHER SEAT FOR US SO WE COULD HAVE THE BEST SEAT IN THE HOUSE. Jess and I just stared at each other. It had to have been the weirdest thing in the world. I even said: "What the hell was that?" "They were in your spot man..." I felt like a freakin' movie star. He picks up the check, we have a wonderful time and I cannot get over how good it feels. I know they're only doing it because they feel they can make money off me. Or maybe they're completely genuine, but I keep telling myself the first theory to keep my head in check. Basically, I'm polite - eat my food, save my money (if it ever comes) and keep doing what I do.
During this meal Jess and I are contemplating MY GOD I CANT BELIEVE I FORGOT TO TELL YOU ABOUT THIS!!!
what we are going to do on Wednesday night. Ya see, we got invited last week after my first show at Barney's - to the after-grammy party for Carlos Santana. I $500 a pair ticket the owner said he would put me on the list. Look at this invitation: WOW 
Can you freakin' believe the list of people that are gonna be there!!! AND I'M FREAKIN PLAYING THAT NIGHT GODDAMNIT. Well, it's right next door so I'll definitely stop by. I'm not sure if Jess will be able to handle herself with Ricky Martin and Marky Mark. But Lauryn Hill and Cindy Crawford will be there so giddy-up.
So at this moment, as jess is wonderin' what she's wearing for the GRAMMY party, and I'm still shaking my head that the manager removed people from "our seat", I am simply in amazement. Of course Jess is still price comparising because spending this much money on a meal (even though we weren't paying) is 'cause for some serious stress. Will we ever enjoy this? I mean really. How does one deal with this sort of treatment. If I do become famous, I really see me NEVER going out. You know? I figure if I gain some sort of fame in this world, I want to be working on keeping the standard high, not enjoying these little thrills. I sat and talked with Michael Jordan when I was 20, what the hell can beat that? Though if Paul Mccartney was at this party, you'd see a quivering little bitch sitting in front of that bar with that invite in my hand for 4 days.
I am rambling, but I'm sure you're used to that - JESUS this entry is too big. But a lot of shit is happening, and it's changing my outlook on things. I want you all to "hear my thoughts" if you will because I have a feeling that the world I entered in January of 2000 is about to be so drastically different, I'll wonder how the hell I got here. That's what this is all for.
AHHH! The movie, of course:
I've been sitting for hours thinking about what to do for the movie! I've decided I really want you the reader to understand my passion for karaoke. So the movie for today is my tribute to the love I feel.. It is my friend. I love it like I love Jimmy Buffet. I wrote an ORIGINAL song about karaoke. Actually it's a parody of one of my own songs (from Palaur), but that's certainly original ain't it? Click here fellow readers...
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Jess & Adam
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