Entry #20
3:07 PM, February 17th, 2000...
Wednesday, February 16th, 2000
10:30 AM and 12:00 AM
Of course it's the downpour of the CENTURY here in So Cal. The streets are even flooding because this town simply doesn't prepare for rain. So unloading wasn't fun, and I have to tray and carry this shit around people that are trying to eat and we're talking CRAZY cramped. I honestly didn't think I'd be able to set-up. It was pretty close. On top of that, this is karaoke night and he needed to set-up around me. Basically we were gonna go back and forth tonight. Well with the help of Jessie JOOSE, and Rachel ROOSE - set-up went fine, and even the karaoke guy found some space behind my TVs.
*didn't play Lurid
YouTube link added 02.13.09
Man not much of a performance because of karaoke night, but what I did do went well. My voice was really raspy on the Rhythm set (as you can hear in the video clip), and it gave it a really soulful feel to it. I had a great time singing. People were crowding around and it was pretty exciting. By the second set though, people were a bit upset that I was taking up THEIR karaoke time, and that leads me to the reaction...
Any of you who talked to me back when I did this show in Columbus will know that the line: "Karaoke is the bain of my existence..." came up plenty of times. I hate karaoke. Hate it, hate it, hate it. Now I will admit, the karaoke here was 75% EXCEPTIONAL. People could REALLY sing (The voice of the robot in FUTURAMA even did a song!). So it was more enjoyable than most karaoke I've seen. Unfortunately karaoke night is HUGE. People sign up and they are PACKED until close. They have to turn people away. Add into that losing 30 minutes because of me...they were none too happy. My first song they were excited, and even the second...but then they were like: "Who is this guy? I WANNA SING" And they happily voiced their opinions. It's a tough situation, and I'm not too sure why management thought tonight was a good night to do this. Now people did have fun with it, but the MAJORITY of the crowd seemed confused and angry because the night is packed as it is, and they weren't really told why I was there. Right off the bat the General Manager loved it and wanted to give me Thursday nights. The owner was a little more hesitant because of the crwod reaction. The owner liked it too, but wanted me to do one more Wednesday to see more reaction. Th GM, the karaoke guy AND ME - were all a little pissed about this. We already know what the karaoke people are gonna say about it...why not throw me on a night that has no entertainment? I'm scared they're gonna LYNCH me next Wednesday...it's just not the right night. So we'll see what happens. But the 2 guys that really mattered dug it...and that's what counts...
Then there was Danny Ray. The big beer distributing-karaoke man. He does karaoke at another place, plus distributes the beer to nearly every bar in this city. Basically, more connections than you can imagine. Remember back in Columbus when I always said: "I need to find that one guy sitting in the crowd that says: 'you've got somethin' kid, and I can help you'" I found that guy. This guy has the contacts, the money, and the vision. He wants me to do a little appearence at this big ass karaoke show on Saturday, and we'll go from there. This could really be a nice stepping stone. He seemed to understand the potential of such an act. The first guy to really embrace it and say: "I can make you some money..." Well, I certainly need it... Keep your fingers crossed...
Also ran into a morning DJ who apparently has the same agent as Howard Stern. May be this guy's only claim to fame, but he wants to put me on the air. Giddy-up. The coolest thing about that is that you'll all be able to hear it because I can put it on the net. Very exciting.
So overall, the night was perfect for the people that counted. Unfortunately if the owner wants to go by the reaction of the karaoke customers, next Wednesday will be the LAST time I perform there. Nothing I can do about that. Owner's really don't make much sense sometimes to me. They seem so close and then they do that. Why he doesn't seem to see that it will never work if I'm INTERRUPTING something that's the regular, is beyond me. Hopefully I can just go on earlier next week and never interrupt karaoke. We shall see...
master video file never saved :-(