Entry #19
12:42 AM, February 16th, 2000
Ya gotta love reading these. It's like one big thing after another...
First off, the past week has SUCKED. Completely. Working on Palaur (pronounced "Puh-lore") is akin to picking off scabs for fun. I didn't realize how quickly you can get swept into emotions. Some never really go away, and mere words, songs or memories bring 'em back immediately.
Not only that but the 4tvs promotion ride has been a bitch because I constantly get lifted up...into disappointment. I get calls that are so positive, the guy likes the idea so much...wants me to play as soon as humanly possible - all I have to do is pay THEM $250 to use their space...then I get the door and they get the drinks. The wonderful lesson of "showcase bars" in LA. Now obviously they think they can attract some people in with my show which is flattering, they would'nt just give away a night for only $250 - but come ON. One place was a dinner theater and offered this wonderful special: "$250 for the room, or if you can bring 20 people in at $10 a pop, we'll split the door..." OOOOH GOODIE! ME HAPPY. ME LIKEY. (gotta picture Chris Farley for the last line)... It's quite disheartening. I've already succumbed to the fact that I'm playing for free for awhile. I understand that, but $250? And they know I got here last month. It's like a car salesman putting you in a porsche (which they have in the MALLS! - more on that later...) when you have a McDonalds cup in your hand. Yeah, yeah - but the MALLS. So I had to go to radio shack for a wire to hook up my DAT player to my computer in stereo for the LISTENER BITS on the site! That's right, I'm putting up MP3 clips of every listener bit on the site...enjoy. ANYWAY - there's like 4 car dealerships in the mall. I mean with cars and everything. Like 4 cars with all the specs, a salesman walking around, and a desk and computer for the transaction. It's freakin' strange. The cars say what the downpayment and monthly charge is - and you can pick up a ferrari with your cinnabon. Only in LA.
So, shit - where the hell was I...can you tell I'm excited? OH yes, bad week - that is until tonight. Dropped a videotape off to a guy at this bar in Hollywood called Barney's Beanery last week. This place is one of the oldest bar's in LA. Been on Santa Monica Blvd. since 1920. Has all this history and such - famous people there all the time and so forth...yada yada yada. Well the GM of this place calls me up RAVING. I mean really pumped. Like, I can't even sling this much shit about 4tvs. He LOVED the tape. Showed it to everyone he could. Showed it to the guy who runs karaoke there (and I mean SERIOUS karaoke) and he was floored. When I say karaoke, I might as well say stars-to-be singing songs. I walked in and heard people doing Tina Turner to Aretha Franklin to The Beatles - KILLER. This guy does karaoke all over and is connected like you wouldn't believe. Does the parties for stars: Kirstie Ally was brought up. Anyway he loves the idea, can help me out, and will be there tomorrow. Basically - tomorrow night I perform for some pretty important people. The GM already said I should have a night a week at this place, and thinks I will make some CASH through this karaoke guy's contacts. At one point this guy says: "I am PUMPED! Are you?" I was speechless man. Just speechless. I try to stay low-key during times like these because you NEVER know. But I've never had anyone call ME, with that kind of excitement, and asking me to play the next NIGHT. This could be very good. There will definitely be an email on Thursday. Let me also say that Jess is completely responsible for me getting this gig. The GM instant messaged Jess for who knows what...heh heh, and she plugged 4tvs. God love her. And me too.
Speaking of which Jess and I have finally picked a date. Sunday, August 13th, 2000. I'll be in Columbus for a family reunion that weekend, and this way all my relatives can be there. I know this isn't THAT big of a deal since everyone knows we're engaged and we had planned August for awhile, but having a day to point to is very exciting.
Oh speaking of how wonderful Jess is, many of you have wondered how Jess has felt about this whole "Palaur.com" thing. Obviously she isn't jumping for joy about it. It is about a past relationship and jealousies will always persist, but she knows the whole story and she knows me. She knows that she even got caught up in the story and the music and such when she read through it. It's a good story that needs to be told. She said she'd write everybody next month saying how she feels about it in her own words. That may seem a bit much for a stupid site going up, but it's a pretty personal story that indirectly effects Jessica - so her feelings are very important. Once you read Palaur you'll understand.
And finally, in what very well may be the biggest news I've been waiting for - for over 2 years:
YouTube link added 02.13.09
HA! I'm not gonna tell you! Heh heh...I'm gonna make you download the movie. :-) You'll smile though, so please watch it...
Much love to my 4tvs brothas and sistas! ...ooh, shit, already been in LA too long...
Jess & Adam
master video file never saved :-(