Entry #4
5:04 PM, January 6th, 2000
Yesterday at 12:45 PM Pacific time, Marty Jessica and I finally made it. Because of the trailers we we're pulling a 30 hour drive took us over 40 hours...but we made it. Goddamnit we made it. Found the apartment complex with no problem. Rang the buzzer and no one was there. They were out to lunch until 1:30 PM. (sigh) We just drove for 3 1/2 days and now we have to sit for a freakin' hour. Then again, we all sat there with the biggest smiles. 70 degrees not a cloud in the sky and a nice breeze. I couldn't stop smiling.
We got our pick of two apartments and got one on the corner closest to the laundry room. Unfortunately, there's no refrigerator. For christ's sake. Of ALL our requirements (3 parking spaces, nice area, $1000, 2 bedroom, allows cats) we just assumed there was a fridge. Now the virtual walk-through online SHOWED a fridge, but when she showed us the apartment it didn't. Well, what the hell were we gonna do now... We had to sign. Of course now we have to either rent or buy a fridge for our 6 month lease. Son of a bitch we were not ready for that. Anyway, signed all the papers and man are there some strange rules. Like I can't wash my car. It doesn't look nice. The lady says: "Well, you know there's these things at gas stations that cost like $3 and they'll do it for you..." I just glared at
her. I LIKE washing my car. And I can't do it at my apartment. It just must be California I guess. It's also a pretty nice part of town (considering the exorbitant rent I should hope so), so that may explain it.
The apartment itself is HUGE. Actually bigger than where we were living before. When I get it all fixed up I'll give you guys a tour. Gotta love the 21st Century. Oh speaking of that, this evening for your viewing pleasure is a reenactment of Laurel & Hardy's "The Music Box". It's me and MOOSE carrying a piano up the stairs. Somehow I got stuck on the bottom. It's about 300 kb in all. And also if you want to "choose" whether to download these clips, you can setup you're email to not automatically download them. I'm sure if you're just checking mail, having to wait for 10 minutes sucks.
YouTube link added 02.13.09
Everything else in lala land is pretty much a blur. Our apartment is full of boxes, so that's the first goal. I applied for a job at Sam Ash Music. I figure my engineering background has to get me that. Oh and if that suprises you, uhm yeah that's the plan. I'm getting any job I can and pursuing 4tvs on the side. Radio is not part of the equation here. I need to make 4tvs work. So I'll be check-out boy at Sam Ash, or bag boy at the grocery store. I don't care. However I can eat, I will do. I must admit it is strange though. Going from white-collar to blue-collar by choice. I have no doubt that my radio resume would get me a pretty nice day-gig around here. There's so many little radio stations and my production skills alone would get me in the door, but I need to focus. It's kind of eciting really.
Oh well, that's about all for now. As for all of your replies, I have yet to read them or respond because I am doing all of this long distance on a calling card. Once I get my LA number set-up I'll reply to all of you.
Adam, Jessica, and MOOSE!
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