Entry #3
7:14 PM, January 4th, 2000
Needles, California
"That's a Palm Tree...and that's a Swimming Pool...woo-hoo!"
We are 4 hours from our new home, and we had an awesome day. Kind of. 35 in a 75 in the mountains of Arizona wasn't awesome. Who here reading this thought there were snowy mountains to drive up in Arizona? Ok, My hand would be down right now. But of course what goes up must come down. And Mart Moose got the perpetual 60 mph truck to coast at 88. It was funny.
We were actually so pumped that we were about to go to Barstow (2 1/2 more hours) but decided just to stay in needles because Jessica is sick as a dog, and well the dog is just sick of the car. So tomorrow we arrive in LA and prepare for the shock of our new day to day lives. Tomorrow should be the loongest 4 1/2 hours of our lives. I'm so freakin' excited.
YouTube link added 12.20.07
Thoughts of getting 4tvs off the grounded basically flooded my head today. This is a big challenge, and one I like to ponder often. Thought about radio a good while too. I had the opportunity to be a lifer exactly 2 months ago tomorrow. I accepted the offer and than ended up leaving. Twists of fate are so incredible sometimes. It gives me a headache to think of what my "feelings" have lead me to. But you gotta trust them. You just have to. You follow your heart, and you'll someday understand what "19 miles to California!" feels like. It's indescribeable. Potential for success is so much more exciting than success. It's strange. Does that mean that if I'm successful again, that I'll give it all up for another potential success? Shit, probably. You must be innovative though. If you're doing something no one else is doin'...you're on the right page. Unless you're having sex with a racoon. Then, well you're just wrong.
Oh, gas is $1.62. That's not funny. But the video is. Well it is to us, you'll probably not enjoy it as much as we did.
Tomorrow we're home!
Adam, Jess and MOOSE!
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