Entry #2
8:09 PM - January 3rd, 2000
Tucumcari, New Mexico
And so it is... The 2nd day. All I can say is Oklahoma is looooooong. Too long. The Kansas of the south for sure. Ahh, the little things:
Nothin' like wakin' up to tornado watches in Oklahoma. In JANUARY. Oh well we didn't see one. Got goin' 'round 8:30...
Hit snow in Texas right before Amarillo. Lots of windy shitty snow. Oh and that earlier bitching about 60 mph seemed like a dream today. The wind is insane. And we're talking 45 mph at some points in 75 mph zones. Semis are running us over. It really sucks. But you just bide your time and relax. What should take 10 hours ends up taking 12. Whereas the first day it was a 10.5 to 12 ratio. Tomorrow is scary as shit. It's straight up and straight down. Not literally, but...yeah, well literally. Gotta jog north a bit after albuquerque then come down a bit into flagstaff. It should be exciting. If all goes as planned we'll be in Needles California tomorrow night, and be unpacked and exhausted in LA on Wednesday.
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On the mental front it still feels like a vacation. It keeps hitting me that I'm NOT driving back. I've never in my life driven anywhere that I've never driven back from. It is certainly an unusual feeling. Been thinking a lot about Jessica and Marty and how extremely supportive they're being. It's a big fun adventure for them, but it's still an amazing show of loyalty.
Also trying to put it all in perspective, but I can't. I've really just given it all up to join the circus. Except even that would be more stable. How sweet youth is man....
Oh, and they charge tax at the drive thru in Texas. And I didn't even get pop. I sat there and fought with the guy too. We got 6 whoppers (our days food) and it was 6 bucks... Good deal they had goin' but it was $6.50 with tax. What? Oh well. They all laughed at me. Heh heh.
Oh, and I hope you enjoy today's movie from New Mexico... So far none of the road footage has been worthy...
Adam, Jess and MOOSE!
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