Entry #96
12:23 AM, Friday, December 8th, 2000:
on december 8th, 2000, as the world mourned the 20th anniversary of his passing,
i met john in a dream, and he told me an incredible story...
for the past 20 years, he has been living peacefully on an ocean in the sky.
he knows nothing of earth since his passing. his days are filled with poetry, music, and thought.
at the moment of his earthly death in 1980, john was brought to this landscape and given one gift,
it was the ability to go back in time and relive any part of his life that he wanted.
by simply thinking of a moment, he was immediately there.
this is how he has lived his days as he awaits the moment he can see his loved ones again.
he told me he has relived the moments with sean and yoko the most,
and desperately wishes he knew what became of sean.
i asked him why he was contacting me, and he explained he was given a second gift.
a gift that will stay with him for the remainder of his time while he waits.
he has been given the ability to read your letters, to hear your thoughts.
john will now be able to piece together the time he has missed through you.
he will not be able to respond, but can receive your words and pictures.
as he faded away, he couldn't help but smile,
he was finally going to find out what the past 20 years held...
Cool idea huh? It all began back in 1990.
I was a freshman in highschool, and during my study halls I'd write in my journal. I wrote as if I was writing to John Lennon. I'd tell him about what I was up to, and also tell him about things in the 10 years since his death. It was pretty therapeutic for me. As I may have stated before, whenever I really think about his murder, I just get enraged. Chapman's flippancy about it fuckin' floors me. It was so incredibly meaningless. I mean, at least let it be someone who hated his beliefs, something political...Chapman was just a nut. So writing to John as if he were still alive, but in some distant place with no connection to earth except me. A strange concept, but oddly comforting.
Cut to last Sunday, watching the new John Lennon: Behind The Music. No matter how much Yoko pleads, people still commemorate his death as well as his birthday. There's something voyeuristically attractive about the 8th of December. Same reason every time I went to New York I'd sit and stare at the Dakota. I always went in early December. It was so haunting to know that this was where it happened. Chilling...literally. Anyway, as I watched the episode, I just wanted him to be alive. I just wanted the opportunity to talk to him. I just wanted him to be able to know how Sean was doing. How The Bealtes never gave into to do some stupid concert tour without him. That they released 2 songs using his demo tapes, and did a brilliant job. That Linda died. It's just a fantasy really. We all wish. But the great thing about it, is that if crafted alright, it's almost reality. Even if he was alive today, it's not like I'd be hangin' with him. Or any of us really. We'd hear quotes, and so on. See things on TV.
So with "letters to lennon", I hope to be able to create a mini-world. With people setting up lines of communication. Assuming the story that I wrote, and continuing by talking with him. For huge Beatles fans, the chance to be able to catch John up on all he's missed is exciting. For a moment we can pretend all is right with the world. Go ahead and click on his picture if you'd like to visit the site. As well, you know I HAD to make a promotional video...LOL
YouTube link added 02.13.09
So there ya go. My schizophrenic mind spits out another idea. I need to make a new year's resolution. To stop creating, and start refining. Then again, sites like this run themselves. There's no constant updating. And if I get deluged with email, I can set up a system that posts it automatically, as opposed to me doing it by hand. We'll see. Anyway, I hope people can enjoy it. I think it's a nifty idea. I still don't know what I'm gonna write him.
My good friend Rich Henn, who is putting me in his comic book "Timespell" just bought Star Wars Blew...with paypal! Duh, I forgot about how easy that is. You can set up a paypal account that's hooked up to your checking account. So if you wanna pay another paypal member, you just drop in the amount, their email, and pow the money is transferred. The cool thing is, we can both get $5 if you've never done paypal before. Meaning, you'd get Star Wars Blew FOR FREE. Just paying the $2 shipping and handling. I'll gladly hand my $5 right back to ya if you'd like to do this. If you're interested, just email me, and I'll send a referral email to you. You'll fill out out - send me the $12, then get your $5 bonus for being a new member (taking you down to $7), then I'll give you the $5 I received for referring you ('cause I'm that excited about this disc, and would rather you be happy than me pay my bills - LOL) - and it's all good. I know this sounds too good to be true, but it is the straight truth my brothas and sistas, and Star Wars Blew is a classic disc. Check out the site www.starwarsblew.com , I finally got every lyric typed out - good LORD that took some time. G-Lester alone took me 3 hours. Whew...but they're fun to read along.
I've also had some people ask about the Top 15 Listener Bits CD. Well here's the kicker. Now that I see how easily I can pull off making these discs look extraordinarily professional, I'm all about making it...problem is, I can't burn copies on my computer. (sigh) - what a bitch. Ya see, Top 15 LB's is actually one nice long 74 minute show with all the bits, and music...and I put markers in for 40 tracks. When I put it in my computer to make an exact copy..it adds 2 seconds in between each track. (sigh) - It sounds like shit. And I have yet to find a way to make that copy without having that problem. I think my dad's machine may be able to pull it off...but what a pain in the izzz-nass (snoop slang for ass), to have him make the CDs, then send them to me for labelling and such. Ugh. Who knows. I'd also need some people to say they wanted it as well. Whereas Star Wars Blew will help me in LA, the listener bits won't do a GODDAMN thing for me, and is really just a nice thing to have. So let me see if I can find a way to burn the discs correctly, and then I'm all about making it. It truly as a historic, and funny CD. Sex at Speedway is one of the greatest things I've ever heard on radio. Eat your heart out Howard.  
Speaking of fun to read along...uhm - well no this has nothing to do with fun. J-Dog. As I've stated before the incessent crying is getting to be too much. It his a whole new peak Friday, and we finally took him to the vet. Spent $206.50 and nothin'. Nothin' wrong whatsoever. Test after test. Had to knock him out just to let the vet check him out. Man does he hate the vet. They said he has cat acne...he may be allergic to his plastic food bowl. We changed them, and he still cries incessently. So now he's annoying, constantly miserable, and costing us a SIHTLOAD of money. It's getting tough to justify him. He is not the J-Dog that left Ohio a year ago. He's simply miserable. I've had to get a water bottle to squirt him when he cries at the door and the window. It sucks. Actually that works pretty well. He runs and shuts up. But he's not happy. I can't even let him out either. He cries constantly outside! FOR CRYIN' OUT LOUD - WHAT DO YOU WANT DOG! I've been checkin' his journal, and no clues. I guess he wants the farm back in Ohio, but that sure as hell ain't happenin'. Hmm - anyway - j-dog.net is fully updated. EXCEPT the Dear J-Dog stuff. I had to reinstall windows and I erased EVERY FREAKIN' LETTTER. I am so bummed. So can the people who wrote him write back? You had some GREAT ones. The one from Kermit was CLASSIC. They'll be up ASAP. But the rest of the sections are doin' good. Check out the enemies....lol.
By the way, Ron, an old "Late Show" listener, and kick ass supporter, recently asked me why I'm not on Napster. Well here's how that works. Napster is a program that allows people to connect to each other. It's not some big index of mp3s. When you do a search, you're just searching the hard drives of other people who happen to be online at that moment. So in order for me to always come up during a search, I'd have to always be in the computer of at least one person in the world logged into Napster at that second. Quite the daunting task. It is possible though. If I make enough mp3s, and get people trading them, it can happen. I did find "Bread in the Freezer" once. That was cool. It's just luck though. Someone happened to be on that knew me or was a friend of a freind of a freind...etc. But rest assured, when I can get a faster connection, I will start making mp3s of every song I have, and getting it passed around. I will also CONSTANTLY be on Napster so people can always access me. You also must realize that Napster has gotten so big, that there's quite a few servers to boot. So even if I'm always on Napster, not everyone else on Napster will be able access me - only those on my server, so that knocks the chances down even further. It's a gigantic world out there, but it's still possible. If you buy Star Wars Blew, feel free to bootleg the ever-lovin' hell out of it. Make mp3s and put 'em EVERYWHERE. It's funny, what would've pissed me off 5 years ago, now makes me want to cream my pants. The thought of bootlegged copies of my stuff all over the world. Giddy-up. Uhm, please feel free to also BUY the disc if you could be so kind, but if not - i understand. LOL.
Tonight I have a huge show at the apartment building. It's huge because there's a lot of connected people here, and I could make a great impression. I'm also playing on the night Lennon died, and it will be on my mind for sure. As well, and I know I've said this a thousand times before, I'm taking the final measurements of the 4tvs shelves and buying the wood on Saturday to create the infamous 4tvs boxes. So by my last show of 2000, they should be ready. Giddy-up. This one act should redirect 4tvs into a great direction, allowing me to play any room, with just about NO set-up. I dream of that day.
Well thanks for taking the time to read - you guys rock. As you know I've trimmed my list by about 200 people, and am happy to know the 50 remaining are rootin' for me. When it all hits the fan, it'll be nice to know the people that hung with me from the beginning, rather than people that got stuck on a mailing list. :-)
Thanks for listenin',
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