Entry #95
Friday, 12:35 PM, December 1st, 2000:
It has been my experience that if it can go wrong it will. ESPECIALLY when trying to make a professional CD, with labels and copies. Amazingly with this project, it was balanced. Example, making the CD the first time I had to go hand by hand through all my DATs and burn them on to a disc, and I got to the last song and ran out of space. Got an 80 minute CD, added the full versions of 2 songs, and ended up making a 79 minute, 45 second CD. It was DAMN close. I should've video taped that last few minutes. I was peeing my pants. It had taken me 4 hours up to that point. Having to balance every song and listen to every section of each for louder parts so as not to distort, and I hit 59 seconds left on that CD, and I was crying. Somehow, with 15 seconds to go, it ended. How incredible is that. So this defeats the 2 Late Show CDs as the biggest CD on the planet. Not sure you can beat it.
The labels only involved fighting with Kinko's for having the audacity to charge me $70 for computer time when I was fixing THEIR problems. Either way, it looks and sounds great, and I'm excited as HELL. The best part is that I got the domain name starwarsblew.com!!! Can you BELIEVE that wasn't TAKEN? So I didn't have to make a huge booklet, I can put all the lyrics, backgrounds, and even the VIDEO on the site. That's right the promotional Star Wars Blew video. LOL. I sure like going overboard.
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Oh, and here's all the songs on the disc:
Hope you all recognize some of your favorites. Amazingly I left 6 CD101 Parody Songs off the CD, but I'll venture to say your favorites are there. Oh and I was able to fit the full Boyles Episode 58 within track #24 (kind of an introduction for people for a future release), as well the full version of Let it Go. As I listened to everything in my car, I couldn't help but feel that I need to be on a morning show. (sigh). I wonder quite often if I'm just kidding myself and that I belong in radio. I know many of you say yes, but you've always known me there. Now that this CD is done, I may just be an interview away from being back in radio. I don't know. I cannot express how much I DONT want to get stuck in radio, but sometimes when you follow your heart, you don't always like the outcome. Who knows. It would have to be a pretty nice deal. With the freedom to continue other things. I really have a vision of me never doing one thing for more than 2 years. I want to do so much. GOD I AM SO ENVIOUS OF THOSE WHO HAVE ONE DREAM. Like the millions of actors in this city who go to audition after audition. They have a path. Or musicians...they have a path. But what the hell is my path? I have NO CLUE where to go. I can't even get an agent. For crying out loud. Damnit. I'll move on now.
Anyway, I had a show last night:
Thursday, November 30th, 2000 - 8:30-11:00 PM
MOOSE IS BACK!!!! MOOSE IS BACK!!! It was so strange driving to the show with MOOSE. And it's awesome we're all back in the fight again. The set-up went smooth, except I had to rip open Avery (the computer that runs the show)...and I do mean rip. I didn't have my screw driver, and I literally RIPPED the wood apart to fix something. We were runnin close on time. I made a great discofvery about digital signals running through avery. They don't like it. The DVD idea may not work. I ran my digital camera through the splitter for my Star Wars Blew advertisement, and it freaked. Digital artifacts all over the place. I can only assume a DVD player would do the same thing. So I may just have to stay with tape after all. Anyway, set-up was a breeze.
*full with arrogant and hanson must die...
Performance was really good. I was somehow able to remember all my lines from the Magic Set. People laughed their asses off at the beginning of the Magic Set. It ends with a song, and I think that was a bad move, because people want more of the same....I sould've just left it with one last trick. Maybe I'll try and edit it.
Reaction was nice. Sold 3 CDs and got about $15 in tips. One guy went to a local college, and is gonna give them the CD and try to get me a gig. How cool is that? Hopefully he gives me a number so that I can call them and set-up a meeting. I can hand them my promo pack. That'd be cool. College kids gotta dig my shit. Again, reaction was great, and I was really surprised at how much people liked the smart ass TV in the Magic set. It's kind of like the little video I made for the journey section in October. Fuckin' Copperfield - LOL.
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So it was a great night, the CD is out, and I'm not gonna promise to make the boxes for those damn TVS this month. But, I'm pretty sure they'll be done. LOL.
By the way, Star Wars Blew is a double CD, but I'm only chargin' $10. As is the price for every CD I have. $5 for tapes, $10 for CDs. Unreal, Tomorrow, and Boyles Vol. 1 are NOT available. Oh and by the way, Palaur is getting a reworking. I'm gonna have everything on a CD-ROM, and make the site free. So to those of you who already bought it, you're getting a free disc. I still haven't been paid from Verotel for the some $80 in credit card sales I had. Bastards. So I'm telling them to screw off and making it free, then offering the CD-ROM at the end. I also found out that my address and phone number is available to everyone on the planet because of my websites. LOL. So I guess giving it to you for CD sales isn't really such a big deal. So if you'd like the disc, please send $12 (s&h) to:
Adam Kontras
14358 Magnolia Blvd. #136
Sherman Oaks, CA. 91423
I've got a stack here waiting to be sent. I truly hope ya want one.
On the personal front, Jess is kicking butt at her job. Her hours are tough, but she's enjoying it. It's a lot easier to work those hours when you're a manager. At least you have a purpose for being there so long. Nothing worse than long BORING hours. I miss her tremendously though. It does make her days off nice though. My life has been strange. I've been dreaming about my grandmother consistently every night. I really don't want to deal with it. I guess my sub-conscience is forcing me to. When does it end? The worst part is I don't want it to. I hate to think that in the future I'll remember her as someone who was only around a small part of my life. Like her being around was a LOOOONG time ago. Not sure if I mentioned it before, but she and my mom basically raise my me and my uncle. My uncle and I are only 3 years apart. She was just such an enormous part of my life, and I being so far away makes it really difficult to comprehend that she's not in Columbus with the rest of my family. Oh well, so that's my life. Very uplifting. Thanks Adam.
Anyway, Star Wars Blew is out. It's DAMN funny. And it'll make you laugh. By the way, it is NOT - and I repeat - IT IS NOT for kids. In fact Bearded Smile is so bad, I cringe when I hear it. It's about an obsessive female masturbater. Man. What the hell was I thinking. So again, this is not a good Christmas present for the kiddies. Or for your mom. Rest assured though, Bearded Smile is the worst. LOL.
And good GOD - It's December. Amazing. What a crazy year.
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