Entry #11
10:37 PM, January 18th, 2000
Boy did I need this. This day. This was a good day. And it's all going to end with me sleeping in an actual bed. But first things first...
Many months ago it dawned on me as I wathced the B-52's on some stupid sit-com in the early 80's, that there were some unique avenues to push 4tvs. 4tvs would work on tv. It's captivating, different and gimmicky. Even moreso, it'd be cool to jazz it up and put it in some futuristic nightclub in a movie. I can imagine it as some background to some gritty cop movie. Then again, I think they go to strip clubs...EITHER way, something else occured to me after I played The Laughing Ogre last year. A comic book. How cool would that be. So I contacted Rich who does the comic Timespell and posed the question. He saw me at the Ogre and dug the act.
Well, it is done. Rich said in the next issue of Timespell, in a bar called Gabriel's Gate, 4tvs will be booked. Though not a great paying gig (humble attempt at a joke), I'll be immortalized forever in comics! Ha! I simply cannot tell you how happy I am. I know it's not going to make me famous, but it is such an honor. I'm finding some pictures to send to Rich for the artists and I'm simply buzzing. This is really a unique way to be remembered. I simply cannot say enough for Timespell, and rest assured Rich, you will sell some copies. Oh yes, you will. My entire family will be getting this. So pumped, thank you.
Other great news today. Furniture. Lots. And it wasn't in a dumpster! We saved it from being thrown out. In an amazing twist of irony, a friend of Mr. Penny (The $500 check man from entry #7), lives close to me and happened to have a SHITLOAD of furniture she didn't need. Including shelves, a desk and a sofabed. Holy shit life is good. Unfortunately we ripped the door off the hinges getting the bed in (got 6 months to figure out how to fix THAT), but who cares at this point. My neck has hurt so incredibly bad the past few days I can't even tell you. You think the day couldn't get any better, but it does...
Jessica is now a manager at Starbucks! A job she said she was going to get before we left, well she did it! The pharmacy (and their amazingly pitiful $6 an hour), will have to go BUH-bye. Thank GOD she signed the 90-day no-notice paper. She will have her 4th and final day there on Saturday. She is happier than I've seen her in a long time. Actually when we thought we were staying in Columbus back in November, she was gleaming because she'd be able to have our wedding in Columbus. Oh yes, I have felt the guilt. But, she's pumped. And get this: FULL MEDICAL BENEFITS INCLUDING DENTAL. Who the hell includes dental? Son of a bitch that's awesome. A very, very exciting day indeed.
Unfortunately on the Sam Ash front, I was told today that they would get "the results" on another guy by Thursday. Results? I certainly didn't take a test or anything... Oh well. In the meantime, I'm putting together a new promo tape, and my days are absolutely filled. I don't know if I'll be able to fulfill my "In Kevin's hands by Friday" prohecy, but the man will get that tape soon.
Well, the movie today is of course of our glorious, magnificent, indescribable sofabed. It's called 2000, A Bed Odyssey. It's actually pretty beat up, but oh dear...oh sweet dear it's not the floor. Please check out our glorious new addition to the apartment: A BED!
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At least temporarily, things are happy here. We'll see what tomorrow brings...
Jess & Adam...
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