Entry #10
4:55 PM - January 16th, 2000
Cool, I'm being invaded by aliens. It looked like an aircraft, but it never moved, just spun. It was big and in the sky. I haven't the slightest idea what it was.
At roughly 3:30 AM Jess and I sat in awe of these blinking lights in the sky. I finally fell asleep and have heard nothing since, but it certainly was interesting. I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation for it, but if not - i took video. Heh heh. The link is at the bottom of the page. Sorry I can't hyperlink, but there's still a problem with my mail server out here and I can only send notes off their internet site. So you have to type (egads).
YouTube link added 02.13.09
On the job front, Jessica starts her job at the pharmacy tomorrow, and I get to stalk Sam Ash. I'll go there tomorrow and talk with them again. "Go back into radio!", I've heard from a number of you. "You can just do a 9-5 job and leave it there..." "You already have the experience...".
I really have to clear this up. It hit me last night listening to the FM talk station here (a personal wet dream for me), and how pathetically bad it is. My mind went berzerk on what I could do to make it kick ass. I know if I handed the "Top 15 Listener Bits" CD to a dozen people in this city I'd get an offer. But I cannot do it. I cannot. I have to give 100 percent to 4tvs. Have to. It's an amazing struggle though. I do miss radio and the creative freedom I had. AHH! FM Talk in LA. Jesus. You're watching a man walking a tightrope right now. You see...I keep picturing Steve Cannon. No, not Steve, well I guess. I just don't want to become a lifer. I was a SECOND away from that at CD101. The full time Late Show. It was right there. I moved to LA to make some noise in another way. Then again, radio can certainly help me start. GODDAMNIT. But I'd start on weekends and that would KILL my gigs (whenever I get them)...SON OF A BITCH. What would you do? You, reading. What happens when I have to turn down a gig because I'm on the air? Man, I'm losing it. It's all about focus. An I'm completely out of focus. Well, not exactly. I worked on 4tvs.com all weekend. I finally got a clip from EVERY set on the site. It'll give everyone an idea of what goes on. Of course each clip is missing the main ingredient of LIVE Adam singing lead...but you can still get the idea. The tape for the Tonight Show will be in Kevin's hands Friday morning... I guess everything's cool. Just stressin' like usual. No, it's not like usual. I'm usually very laid back and focused, but hearing that talk station got to me.
Anyway, check out the SETS section of the site. Lots of stuff for you to see, and again remember the clip will start playing before it's finshed loading. Just pause it until it is...
master video file never saved :-(