Entry #9
8:33 PM - January 14th, 2000
Called up Sam Ash and they said they're still interviewing and they'll make a decision next week. Such a nice vote of confidence. I can't imagine why they have reservations about me. Selling is knowing your product and being personable. The product, though I've never been a turntable DJ, is pretty simple for someone who's been around music equipment his whole life. And I must be somewhat personable with the background in radio I have. The worst part is that I can do nothing more to convince them. I thought about going to the store and hanging out, but I don't want to be annoying to them. I gotta face it, I'm at their beck and call. The extra couple of days will allow me to make a nice 5-minute promo tape for the Tonight Show. Hopefully, just enough to make them want to know more... Part of me knows that without an agent I might as well send the video to the moon. Then again, stranger things have happened.
So I jumped online and tried to see what I could do to improve the site. Now that I can pull off video rather easily, I thought I'd sit at the piano and sing a bit. Then my honesty got to me a bit. I wrote a bit of a secretive song in November. I couldn't, nor shouldn't have sung it to anyone, but sometimes you have to get things off your chest. Feelings are hard to decipher, but they certainly are genuine. As you all know, I tend to wear my heart on a sleeve, and this song is no different. Then again, it simply isn't right for me to blab the meaning. So let it get you wondering, but have fun with that 'cause the real truth is quite a ways down the road. There's only about 90 seconds of it...just a taste.
In a related feeling, radio is knocking around in my brain again. I can't help but want to throw my resume and Listener Bit tape to some stations. I know I could get a production gig. Damnit. I gotta quit worrying. I've always followed my heart. Always. And...it always ends up positive. And it really isn't my heart that's looking at radio, it's my bank account. I need to be fair with people though, and I couldn't do that with a radio station. You gotta have your heart into your work, or it brings everyone else down. Especially in a "team oriented" job like radio. Oh well.
Anyway, enjoy the Part 1...
YouTube link added 02.13.09
YouTube link added 02.13.09
...& Part 2 (can't make a .mpg over 60 seconds, GRRR). Oh, and once the movies start to play hit pause so they can fully load.
And yet another oh...check out the entires on the journey page. There's a link to all of your REACTIONS to the entries. They're pretty cool to read.
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