Entry #8
3:00 PM - January 13th, 2000
Ok, so there really isn't "happy news", but I need to get out of the funk. Jess and I went to the beach today (it was 71 degrees...heard it was snowing in Columbus), and tried to relax a bit. We got some video of it for those of you freezing, hopefully this'll warm you up and make you laugh. The video link is at the bottom of the page. It's at 4tvs.com if you can't hyperlink.
Oh, and on the 4tvs front there's a couple of things working. The columbumusic.com people forwarded my name to some of the other local musicians out here, and we're gonna get together and talk. It'll be nice to get a feel for what's happening. Many of you may know that Jerome of Howlin' Maggie fame has a house out here, now that he's with NINE INCH NAILS. Pretty nifty indeed.
And my one shot-in-the-dark-good-GOD-if-it-pans-out-hell-YES is Kevin Eubanks of the tonight show. About two years ago Kevin Eubanks was a guest on Cannon's show on WTVN. A phone-in. During a break I picked up the phone and told Kevin of this a capella type jazz/R&B I was working on (later turned out to be Hearing My Thoughts). He was extremely cool. He asked if I could send it to him. Told me how to get it to him. Well, I never did. Got incredibly entrenched in a marriage, a divorce, an album, a new job, everything. Now I'm about 15 minutes from the Tonight Show studios, and 4tvs will work on that show. You can easily picture me being that last little 5 minute bit on the show, doin' some comedy and a song. GOD the thought of it excites the shit out of me. Anyway, I'm putting together a personal promo video tape for Kevin, and we'll see what happens. All it takes is someone saying: "that's cool." And just maybe.....maybe I can pull it off. Wouldn't that be a story, but I won't hold my breath.
So there, that's a little more "up" than the last one. I reread that this morning and christ I'm depressing. Not that a day changes much, but your letters and support have been incredible.
So here's the beach link.... BEACH
YouTube link added 02.13.09
And when you go to any of the movies on the net, be sure to hit STOP and wait for the ENTIRE movie to download before you hit play. Then it won't be all jerky.
Thanks for everything,
Jess & Adam
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