Entry #94
1:04 PM, Monday, November 27th, 2000:
Guess what didn't come out yesterday? See I act as if you remember, care, and mark it on your calendar. LOL - let me remind you that the Ultimate Boyles MP3 disc was to come out yesterday, Robert's 50th birthday. Well that just didn't happen. It was a combination of things really, but the biggest thing is I will lose money on this disc, and putting a tremendous amount of work on the project is hard to justify. I've also come in on a bunch of web/video work that has taken up the majority of my time. So everything kind of froze.
Then Stephen Barnes, the creator of The Boyles Trivia Game, started working on a shockwave game that would be part of the mp3 disc. It's AWESOME. I've sat for an hour playing it. It's an incredibly good addition to the disc, and is worthy of pushing back the release date. To when? No clue. For reminiscence sake here's the original release date video...it's pretty damn cool.
YouTube link added 02.13.09
The good news in all of this is really rather unrelated. In fact, hmmm...how did I come to this? Oh yeah, so I'm playing Ready 2 Rumble 2 (you can play as Bill & Hillary, it's funny as HELL), and it just HITS me. A voice in my head just says "BUILD IT AND THEY WILL COME" - So I am. I'm making the Parody CD, and will release it at my show in 3 days. Yeah, I realize that doesn't leave too much time, but deadlines make me work. I was listening to those songs a few months ago, and damnit - they're funny. They'll get me some exposure. I hope. The title is "Star Wars Blew ...and other touching parodies". If you remember I was always concerned about making this CD because of the legalities of it. At this point...SUE ME. I'll give 'em away. Don't care about the money. But until the lawsuit, I'm chargin' $10. :-) When the disc is completed, I'll tell you all what's on it.
Hmmm, oh yeah, I said I'd give my two cents worth on the election. (sigh) - I just don't give a shit. I did at first. I wanted the votes counted according to the law. But soon the partisan sides were so ugly I couldn't speak to anyone. I mean people won't even admit there's a contradiction in the law. The law states you can have a manual recount, but then doesn't allow you the time. That's screwed up. That's why you go to the court and have them determine what to do. Yet everyone I talk to only states the part of the law that helps their side. And they state it as fact, it's their big point of contention - it's bullshit. Of course the secretary of state stalled the counties long enough that it didn't matter. If I cared, that would really piss me off. But it doesn't. Everyone was trying to find a way to get their man in, and the republicans are gonna win. They have played the public relations game perfectly. If you haven't paid attention to ANYTHING, I guarantee you think Bush won, and Gore's a sore loser. And that's what they wanted. As someone with no party affiliation, it just makes me laugh. Politicians are exactly the same, and just as blind as the other. Anyone who really thinks there's a difference between Democrats and Republicans aren't watching very closely. The worst part, is that if the counties were given the time to complete their hand recount, Gore would probably win. It was at 570 votes without Palm Beach or Miami Dade's hand counts. Whew. That's what has scared me all along. Bush winning on a technicality. What kills me is that Bush is OK WITH THAT! That's sickening. That's politics. Bush makes it sound like he's won about 6 times. Acts like it's so obvious. It's disgusting, and if given the choice, I wanted him in! LOL - Gore is still the slimiest person I've ever seen. I think we're all gonna miss Clinton in about a year. I was watching the debates in '92, goddamn he was fun to watch. He was so intelligent, and gives you such a good feeling. Again, I voted for Harry Brown - so don't call me some crazy liberal. The fact of the matter is, this country thrived in the past 8 years. We all FELT good. It wasn't the programs or bills that were passed, we felt good. We thought the blow-job scandal was a joke. It was. We laughed. We wouldn't be doing that if Gore got in. We'll laugh at Bush. That guy is just plain goofy. Ever watch him try to make jokes with the pres, and NOBODY laughs? Well George, I am. I'm laughing my ASS off when that happens. You are not funny. You are so unfunny you make me laugh. Why couldn't Dan Quayle be your running mate!? Anyway, all I can tell you is watch Saturday Night Live for the next 4 years, and enjoy the ongoing joke that is DUBYA.
Well, MOOSE is all settled in. He's gonna have his own website pretty soon, get this: www.shakymoose.com - It's not up yet, but that's his domain name. His roomate Gary has epilepsy, and it's gonna be THEIR site. Shaky Moose....heh...Gary obviously has a great sense of humor about it. You're scared to laugh at first, but he always does. By the way, I've beaten Marty 40 straight times at foosball, with Marty averaging 3.5 goals per 10 point game. I've been WHOOPIN' HIS ASS.
He's comin' over tonight to get pummeled by Bill Clinton - OH! Speakin' of which! You gotta see this video of Bill and Hill boxing. It's so funny. Jess thought it was only for the Playstation 2, and was bummed 'cause she wanted it. Found it online for the Dreamcast for $34!! Gotta love that. I was finally able to buy Jess something. And yes, she actually wanted a videogame - she's cool like that.
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Anyway, I have a SACK worth of work to do, so I best be gettin' to it. I really think Star Wars Blew is gonna be big. There's some really funny songs on it.
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