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3:15 PM, Tuesday, November 14th, 2000:
Protest in Los Angeles Continues
November 14th, 2000
SHERMAN OAKS, California (AP) --In an unprecedented show of support for the "hanging chads" in Palm Beach County, Bob Kontras has hung himself in a stocking on a post in his apartment. He is calling himself "Hanging Bob" and vows to stay there until all hanging chads are have been hand counted.
"I felt the chads were being unfairly blamed for this entire fiasco." Bob explained, "They just want the right to be counted, hanging, pregnant or otherwise."
Kontras, a registered Democrat, has been hanging for nearly two days without food or water - making bathroom breaks unnecesary as a result.
Bob Kontras, hanging in protest for the rights of the "hanging chads" in Palm Beach County - FULL VIDEO HERE
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Masters, Adam and Jessica Kontras, were "stunned" at how Bob was able to position himself so high, but soon realized he did not act alone.
It seems brother J-Dog, a registered Republican, in a show of non-partisan politics, gladly helped Bob in his protest. 
"Bob hanging from a post for an unidentified amount of time? Yeah, I took part in that." J-Dog replied, "Not only did I help him up there, I gave him the idea. It's really two Bobs with one stone: Bob taking part in this historical election, and of course...come on, Bob's been hanging 5 feet in the air for two days."
When asked if he felt his protest was being heard, Bob broke into chant: "FLORIDA VOTERS DON'T BE HAD! YOU MUST COUNT THE HANGING CHADS!" and continued until J-Dog abruptly smacked him in the head.
In the past 24 hours since we originally brought you this story, Bob has been visited by many celebrities including Dave Foley, Patrick Warburton and former "LA Law" prosecutor Michele Greene.
"I'm not an attorney, but I played one on TV." Greene began, "And Hanging Bob's protest has made the case for the "hanging chads" even stronger. I believe you will see all hanging chads accounted for in the state of Florida and the election of President Al Gore shortly thereafter."
The "hanging chads" declined to comment.
For now, Hanging Bob continues to be glued to CNN (and the wall), awaiting a final recount from Palm Beach County. We can only hope this hand recount gets resolved quickly. For Bob's sake of course, but truly for all of us.
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