Entry #91
10:30 AM, Friday, November 10th, 2000:
What a huge day. It was a year ago today that I walked into work and found myself jobless....
What were you thinking? The election? This journal is about ME - ME - ME - ME! Who cares about the "election"?
The truth of the matter is, I've been planning this entry for a full year now, and then a truly historic event falls right into the spotlight. As a former talk show host, I've been salivating at the chance to get on the air and yell at everyone...because EVERYONE is PISSING - ME - OFF. People spouting their beliefs SOLELY along party lines is just getting pathetic. Am I the only person on the planet with no party affiliation? Am I the only one seeing through every accusation and theory? Who knows.
So the true reason for this entry, but now just the first reason....CD101. It's amazing, a full year later, and it still haunts me. Every aspect of the situation has effected me long after most people have let it go. I will admit I am overanalytical to a fault many times. I have never gotten into the specifics of what happened, nor will I because I still feel some responsibility to the station, and the individuals involved, BUT - I finally had to let people understand it was not my choice to come out here. When I did that last April, I got serious heat from my family, as well as some people at CD101. Everyone felt there was no need to "air my dirty laundry". As well, we had all agreed (the station and I) to say I chose to leave, and me changing my story brought all sorts of questions to a head. The truth of the matter is what I did to get fired was wrong. Unfortunately I told a fellow co-worker what I had done, and he in turn told the GM. I've never been mad at him "speaking his conscience", I've never been mad at his honesty...hell I've never been truly that upset at his motives. The fact of the matter is, he didn't say a word to me. He could've easily come to me and told me he felt uneasy about what I had told him. Though what I did was wrong, it was not done malisciously, and I've always felt that it could have been dealt with. I just wanted him to talk to me. I was ALWAYS in this guy's corner. Constantly telling my boss how good he was at his job, how incredibly talented he was, and how my job would've been hell without him on the staff. I even offered sacrifices to him in confidence to keep things going at CD101. So to walk into work on November 10th, 1999 and feel a bombshell explode in my chest was the shock of all shocks.
Of course that's just part of it. Because of the quickness of the events, I was never able to fully explain my position to some people there. I loved CD101. They were the closest thing to a second family I've ever had. We were the little guy fighting the big bad corporate radio giant. We were friends, and we cared about our employees. Coming from Jaycor country definitely made THAT difference glaring. So to have to leave CD101 knowing many felt betrayed by my actions, killed me. And still kills me. Amazingly I can't shake it. I still dream about it, and still feel that it's unresolved. That may just be the harsh reality of this. More than anything a year ago...I lost control. I lost the control of my future. As it stands now - WHEW. Thank God. I'd be doing Columbus radio right now. Not working on TV sets and performing in LA. So the question is not sour grapes. I'm not whining a year later because I was dealt such a bad deal. You know (GREAT ANALOGY HERE), I was dealt a bad deal, but I was also the dealer and even stacked one of the cards. I'm still talking about it because it's still passionate to me. So THAT is why I bring it up a year later. It's, at this moment, the singlemost important event in my career, and will most likely stay that way. Had I stayed in Columbus....I would've stayed in Columbus. The comfort of radio would've kept me there, and the allure of a family would've done me in. Not that that would be BAD mind you, still want some kids - but now...NOW I have the opportunity to pull off something really big. I promise you when all parties involved in this are no longer involved with the station, I'll tell you the whole story.
Now, completely overshadowing any of my pissy problems, this whole election debacle. I have been yelling at the tv screen for 2 days now. What has been absolutely incomprehensible to me is how party lines dictate people's logic.
I'll first tell you I wasn't able to vote because of some mail snafu. Jess got her registration card, and I did not. We think it's because she got her license changed from canoga park to sherman oaks, and thus was able to register. Doesn't make sense since of course I have a California license...but it's neither here nor there. I'd have voted for the smallest no-name candidate on the ballot. If Elmer Fudd was on it, that would've been my man. In '96 I voted for Harry Browne. I am completely sick of the political system, and I almost wrote a huge entry a few days ago urging people NOT to vote. Hoping that maybe a SMALL voter turnout would bring about some CHANGE in this country. What if we had a war and nobody came? What if we had an election and no one voted? Gore's an arrogant slimeball, and Bush is truly a buffoon. I'm hoping Bush wins just because Will Farrell does the funniest parody on Saturday Night Live.
What is truly incredible to me is that people can't just WAIT. Why can't we take our time, wait the ten days until ALLLLLLL the votes come in overseas, and just CHILL. It will not kill us to wait another week before we know. It doesn't make us look STUPID, it makes us look prudent. The fact of the matter is the vote in Florida is soooo close, we need to count everything. What kills me is the republicans want it over immediately (so their candidate wins), the democrats want it drawn out (so they can figure a way to get their candidate to win), and the public wants it over immediately (because we're an instant gratifcation society who wanted to know at 9 PM on Tuesday night, and we have no patience). "Why isn't this all done by computers!!! DAMNIT! THIS IS THE YEAR 2000!!! I DONT LIKE WAITING!!!" Chill. Calm down. There's no reason to speed this up. Didn't we learn from the election night that faster isn't better?
AND STOP BLAMING THE MEDIA. This is the same media we LOVE because they can tell us the winning candidate before we go to bed. WE PUT THIS PRESSURE on them. If it wasn't for their projections, we'd lose more precious sleeeeeeeep. WAAAAAH - Besides, there's never been a race this close in history so it's bound to screw up their exit polling. Again, the media is a representation of US, so shut up. Oh, but feel free to bitch about Dan Rather. I've never laughed so hard at a broadcaster in my life. Throughout the entire night he kept saying the stupidest things. I caught one of them and am happily posting it. This has to be his last election.
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"DO AWAY WITH THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE!!!" Well then you better pray I'm still in LA so I can tell you what it's like to have candidates in your STATE, because you'll never see them again. The system now is working. It's just taking time. The candidates CAMPAIGNED knowing about the 270 electoral votes needed to win, and simply giving it to Gore because he won the popular vote is wrong. They all would've campaigned completely different. Now for future elections, there's probably going to be some changes.
"WHAT ABOUT THE PALM BEACH/BUCHANNAN PROBLEM!?" First of all, what a bunch of morons. That ballot is NOT that confusing. If these are the type of idiots voting for the president, we're in more trouble than I thought. Yes, it is misleading that it looks like Gore was the 2nd name and he was the 3rd hole - BUT there's a big ass ARROW pointing from his name TO the hole. It would take roughly 2 seconds to look at that balot and see what's happening. You can't have an entire re-vote because of this. It sucks because it TRULY looks like these morons screwed up and DID vote for Buchannan. Buchannan himself even admitted that he thought there was something wrong, but again - you can't have a revote. And the drunk bastards that punched it twice? Shoot them. Take them to the beach and shoot them into the ocean. You can't have a revote because of this. On top of that, if there WERE a revote - you KNOW the NADER vote would diminish incredibly because everyone now knows how close it is. A re-vote would be completely unfair. The only true solution is waiting for all the votes to come in - recount them ONE MORE TIME, and go from there. You cannot have a re-vote now. The democrats are getting whiny now, and they need to let it go. Let me also say that if the roles were changed the REPUBLICANS would be JUST as whiny. They'd be pulling the same things.
What is truly wonderful about all of this, is we're getting a good look at the flaws of the election process. The discrepancies from precinct to precinct are all skewed a few votes here and there. If you recounted 100 times, you'd get 100 different numbers. Guaranteed. That is a problem. A problem we'll probably always have to deal with as long as there's volunteers running our election process. The Republicans have a point here. You can't just keep recounting the votes until it comes up the way you like. Then again, it truly should never change right? How the hell were there 3,600 new votes on the recount? I'm assuming absentee ballots, but WOW.
And finally, can you believe it's this close? I mean good GOD. 327 votes? And with this butterfly ballot, a president is gonna be elected on a technicality? This is nuts, and it's certainly not over yet. Lawsuits pending, lawyers salivating....it's incredible. I'll tell you this much. I'm taping this like CRAZY. I want my kids to be able to watch this, because it's NEVER gonna happen again. EVER. This has huge historic meaning in our country. They'll be talking about the year 2000 for quite some time. HA! I'm surprised they haven't blamed it on the Y2K bug. It probably is a Y2K bug...there's votes from 1900 being tabulated. LOL.
So I ask you all, to try and watch this logically and not by your party affiliation. A politician is a politician. Imagine yourself alone in a room with this challenge ahead of you. Bring it down to the smallest variables. You'll see the answers are obvious. You do not have a re-vote, you wait for a week or so until every vote is IN, and you take your time and recount them - by hand if necessary. You announce the winner, and move on. It doesn't matter if it's 1 vote difference. Now if a judge says Palm Beach gets to re-vote...step-back. You may wanna leave the country. Because it's gonna get crazy. There is no doubt Gore would win the revote, and the Republicans will get crazy - and as we all know, they've got the good guns. LOL.
God Bless America,
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