Entry #89
1:40 PM, Wednesday, November 1st, 2000:
Man, I know it's been uncanny how incredibly cool things, and big developments have always happened on the round entry numbers. And all apologies to Marty that his fell on #89. Maybe the next entry will be bigger, though I doubt it.
Marty and his roomate Gary have actually pulled it off. They had been talking about it ever since that fateful day back in January when we got screwed by Riata apartments. (Just so you dont have to go back and look, they said we were breaking our lease if we let him stay with us EVEN THOUGH WE HAD PAID THEM ALL 6 MONTHS OF RENT UP FRONT) - So instead of a nice 3 man team in the year 2000, this year has been the most stressful goddamn year of my life. We weren't able to put Marty on our lease because he had left an apartment before his lease is up and they said that that was an automatic dismissal. What a way to start the new millenium eh?
So when I heard that Marty and Gary had found an apartment that was cool with Marty just being an occupant and not on the lease - I nearly peed my pants. Only later did I realize I should be pissed at our old apartment complex for putting us in such a bind. I mean for crying outloud they already had are FREAKIN' money. What the hell were they afraid of? Anyway, they OK'd everything, and Marty and Gary will be here on the 15th!!!!
To say I'm ecstatic is to say the least. My partner in crime is gonna be a freakin' 5 minute car ride from me in LA. My NFL Blitz videogame partner will be embarrased on a regular basis. My Late Show producer extrordinaire is goin' back to CALI. And most of all, my friend is back where he belongs: kicking ass in the soap opera called 4tvs.com. I literally jumped up and down like a 10 year old (no offense kenny-lol) when he told me he was comin' back. Oh AND GET THIS: He's got enough room in the UHAUL to bring back my foosball table! Hell YES. That's what I'm talkin' 'bout BOYEEEE. I've missed that bad boy immensely.
So the story that began:
On January 1st, 2000, Adam spent new year's day saying goodbye to his family. The following morning, Adam, his fiancee Jessica, best friend Marty, and his cat J-Dog, picked up their lives and moved to LA...
...now continues after a 10 month hiatus. The way it should be. The way I envisioned it in late '99 when my entire world was spinning and I was trying to focus on a goal. The original idea for a struggling life in LA, which soon became a daunting, struggling life in LA. It's all back in order - and god DAMNIT if I shouldn't have just made up an entry #89 so this would've been #90. LOL.
As is the case in every damn entry, I made a video for the occasion....worked my ass off on this one, but who cares....the moose is back - and it's not like I have anything else to do. Still waiting on some jobs, and sorely in need of some productive work - because not only am I feeling like a big bum...I'm getting a big bum from sitting on mine for the last 3 months. UH-OH! Could it be I need to do that no-carb diet again!!! LOL!!! Hell NO. I think Running, Rice, and Ripped fuel will cure what ails me.
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Anyway, I'm OUT! Expect a rather boring entry #90....sorry I couldn't hold off on this one so it could've been big!
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