Entry #81
1:00 AM, Friday, October 6th, 2000:
And I thought I was ambitious.
In what has to be considered the most productive hours in J-Dog's 4 1/2 years on this planet, he completed his site and at this moment launches it to the world. Mind you, not only was the feat of completing it such an amazement, the dog had to learn HTML code. And try typing with paws...incredible. Simply incredible.
I was privy to a sneak preview, and I have to admit that 4tvs.com could learn some things from J-Dog's simple, colorful, and succint design. J-Dog has taken his life and divided it into 6 sections that pop off the screen:
His own advice column. The world has gone long enough without a column dedicated to pets and their problems. Have your pets write to jdog@4tvs.com and he'll answer their problems promptly!
His own JOURNAL! Ha HA! The best part about this is seeing his perspective on the recent addition to the household. Needless to say he hasn't been to thrilled. This will be updated weekly.
Poor J-Dog's life has been filled with one move after another. He's in home #5 and dedicated a section of his site to this because he believes this won't be his last abode. He's probably right...
J-Dog's favorite section - "Nap Spots". See his favorite places to nap, and how he feels about his choices. This takes up 20 out of 24 hours of his day, so it only makes sense he dubs it as his favorite.
A star is born. There's actually a full length 30 minute movie of J-Dog, but because of space restraints, it's not possible to put all that up. Bits and pieces of his life are here and will continue to grow...
J-Dog's Shit List. you don't want to be in this section. If you've rubbed him the wrong way, you will hear about it here. Guess who's #1 on his list?
The best part about all of this, is that J-Dog has been contributing to it for September and October, so the site is already full of content! Advice, journals, movies...it's all there. I've never seen a dog work harder on a project. He's hoping that he can be of comfort to pets all over the world who have had to deal with some of the hardships he has. What a dog.
So check out J-Dog's new video, and get ready for an entirely new web-surfing experience.
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