Entry #88
8:48 PM, Tuesday, October 31st, 2000:
Man, Shaq is a madman....
Happy Halloween to all you loyal followers of my adventure in LA. Been a strange couple of days for me. Feel like I'm a total worthless piece of shit. And you? That's good.
Not totally worthless, it's just that now that HST is gone, and none of my other ventures have come through yet...I ain't got a paycheck to show for myself. I'm overracting of course, since before LA I was the big bread winner and supported Jess...but I can just hear her parents saying: "So he drags your ass out there, and makes you get a job while he sits on his ass and makes funny videos for his site..."
And man is this one funny! Lemme tell you! I was watching th preview for Little Nicky...and thought: "I can do that!" (the little head spin thing) - So I made a little video of my head spinning and comparing my "twistedness" to eminem. Check it out...perfect for halloween...
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I guess it doesn't effect me as much as I thought...
The draft went well last night, even if it did take 3 hours. So sorry to the fellow owners...that took a long time. Of course I had to go through each player and find their team and position. That was another 3 hours. It's half-time right now in the laker game, and Shaq already has 24 - enjoy him Amber.
Oh, and by the way...if you'd like free internet access without ever giving your name or anything...put in an aol disc. They sign you on to make you fill everything out!!! Which you can ignore and open up your browser and go to town...how stupid is that? America Only Loses with A.O.L. :-) Unless you steal from them..then you're a winner. Why do I know this? I am an addict. I mean...I've never gone through the day I did last Friday. EVER.
My schedule has been roughly exactly the same for the past 3-4 months. I get up and walk directly to the computer and start it up. Most people go to the bathroom, but that just doesn't hold the same sense of importance to me anymore. Now if I really have to go, I'll go right after turning my computer on and try to make it back before the bootup.
I jump online and my day begins. Check email, sites, and IM list, and start to craft what I will do that day. I start my brain thining of an angle to push my career and I'm off. I generally sit there for a few hours before I even think of things like bathrooms...or food....or anything. Being online starts my life and gets my brain rolling.
So what if my internet was gone one morning?
Well, I become a heroin addict. Swear to GOD. It was insane. I tried to act all nonchalant about it. Called up Quicknet, and they said they'd get right on it, and as the hours passed. My body just kind of FREAKED. I start pacing my apartment. Picking things up...putting them down. After a few minutes of this, I realize that I am Rainman. Completely lost. I can't even think of what to do. I sit at my computer, but it's as if my computer is dead. Simply because I'm not online, my computer isn't breathing. I can't even THINK of something to do.
Well the people at Quicknet never called me back, and I soon realized I wasn't gonna get any internet access until Monday... Then I REALLY lose it. First of all, those wankers at Quicknet are REALLY pissin' me off. They will not return my calls, and everytime I call them they go: "I'm on the other line with them RIGHT NOW" - I mean, it's possible that they are...once or twice..but I swear they ALWAYS say it. It's highly annoying.
But of course, once I popped in my AOL disc and they actually PUT ME ONLINE to register. All was good. Whew.
Anyway, I can't believe it's November now. I'm gonna hit the year mark out here and have a breakdown. I know it. LOL - I gotta make something happen in these last 2 months. Something positive. Another HST with a different ending...oh and you all know that's over right? I think a few of you may have misunderstood "HOLLYWOOD SCREENDEAD" a few weeks back. There is no more HST. No more MTV commercial...no more anything. People keep congratulating me on the big MTV win...yeah thanks. Heh heh.
So month #10 has come and gone and the story continues...oh SHIT - that boyles mp3 disc is supposed to come out this month. Damnit. DAMNIT. Uhm, well I've got to go now. :-)
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