Entry #80 (stuff always happens on round numbers.....hmmm)
12:15 PM, Tuesday, October 3rd, 2000:
Well, it's finally over....layover after layover after layover, the MTV Commercial Contest is over, and your votes put me at the top! I won the popularity contest! I'm so proud! (sigh)...
I am very greatful to those of you who voted for me, but as I've said before the "workings" of this contest were always a sore spot for me. I want to be judged on my talents, not just push all my friends and family to click a box. Now if I knew thousands were able to see ALL the entries and make a true vote, that'd be cool...but the net just isn't that advanced yet. It's just too slow for the majority of the users and there were only a handful of votes. I just organized my "troops" better than the other people. I'm sure a very SMALL percentage even looked at the entries...but TOO BAD - I won. So here's the winning entry showing my "Special Talent" - 4tvs.
YouTube link added 02.13.09
So what's next? Well I was told it'll be 6 weeks until we know who's producing this commercial. Will it be Hollywood Screentest, or someone that may be investing in Hollywood Screentest. Again, this will be a Hollywood Screentest commercial that will be aired on MTV, not an "MTV commercial". Not sure what an "MTV commercial" would be, but there seemed to be some confusion over that. HST is producing a commercial that will air nationally. Myself and the Female top vote getter will star in it. I assume shooting will begin in January, and most likely run in Spring of 2001. That's my guess. As with everything in life, that could be sooner or later.
So in the whole contest month, I guess 1 out of 3 ain't bad...though I still haven't heard back from eveo.com on why I was never paid my $100. Hmmm.
On a J-Dog and Bob update...J-Dog has moved to toelrable, kind of. He still hisses and bats at Bob every once and awhile, but after 2 weeks - the threat of finding a murdered kitty in his food bowl has passed. Bob wants so badly to be accepted by J-Dog though. He runs up to him and lays in front of him trying to show submission and J-Dog just runs away...he looks so dejected. Poor Bob. I should have more video soon.
Mark David Chapman got denied in 50 minutes. LOL. The man looked forward to this day for 20 years, and in less than an hour the parole board laughed at him and sent him back to jail. Heh. How do you keep an inmate from freakin out after that? You hear he said that Lennon would've wanted him to be set free? Ain't that the shits...the one guy who would've fought for you...YOU SHOOT HIM. What a prick. Lennon being killed is one of the few things that when I think about it gets me so angry I have to just think about something else. What a waste.
Well, that's about all the time I can spare...LOL...the LIST is staring at me on my desk, and I should get back to it. Thought I should update you though, and thank you all for voting.
Thanks again,
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