Entry #87
12:26 PM, Friday, October 27th, 2000:
I guess deadlines, however meaningless, at least provide motivation to complete things. I always work better on deadlines, though they're usually self-imposed. I'm ranting here because on Wednesday I KILLED myself to finish the magic set since so many people from the apartment were coming. I had told them about the new set and all were anxious to see it.
The worst part wasn't the making of the set, but the practicing of the set. The first set I've ever actually PRACTICED. Because it's all dialogue, and timing like you wouldn't believe. So all day yesterday I ran through it, and finally got it right. All ready for the show.
Well, when I got there, Jeremy...counter-dude...said he was worried I wouldn't come because it was raining. Raining in LA is the equivalent of a blizzard in the rest of the world I'm finding. Can you imagine me cancelling a gig because of RAIN? How insane. Well to make a long story short, no one came from the apartment complex. Son of a bitch. There was quite a bit of traffic at the shop though, and Jeremy let me play until 11:30 which was cool, but no one I knew came. Oh well, at least I have a new set. Screw it, I'll just do the show entry here:
Thursday, October 26th, 2000 - 8:30-11:30 PM
I swear it rains 3 days a year in LA, and they're all days I have gigs. Raining on set-up and tear-down. That's incredible in LA. And yes, still out of shape. This set-up just isn't fun. But guess what will be different next time.....? Read ahead...
*just superstition cause everyone left...
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My voice held up pretty well. It's weird, never talked about this before, but when I do the Harry set...I'm listening to myself. I completely go out of my body and start listening, and enjoying it. It's like I'm not singing. Then every once and awhile I snap back into it, and I'm amazed I'm on key...it's weird. I really like the Harry set now. It's so relazing and feels good. Great way to start, and warm-up. I nailed the magic set...timing was perfect. Unfortunately I may need to invest in a headset here soon. But only for that set...I love the mic stand for everything else, but for the magic set I'm moving around so much, no one can hear me. Ugh...money money money. Just maybe I can save some here soon....

Well, the people from my apartment complex who were gonna show up couldn't make it. THANKS PADDY FOR CALLING...GOOD MOVE. :-) So basically I did that whole Magic Set in one day for no reason. No one else knows it's new. LOL. The audience was...the strangest audience I've ever seen. Some people seemed offended by the HARRY set. Or the LOVE set. Like got up and LEFT. I don't know. The most blase sets I have. So I of course held out on the fun stuff. Then I jumped off and the whole world walked in so I jumped back up. Lots of young kids - 19-21...PERFECT. Time for the "Day in the Life". They enjoyed it...but weren't really laughing. Some hot chicks were staring pretty long at the "washin' up the genitals" song - LOLOLOL. Hell YEEEAH. Anyway, then I knew I'd get 'em with Slide. Threesome song, and Bread in The Freezer. THEY ALL WALKED OUT, on BREAD IN THE FREEZER. Not even a giggle or a smile from anyone in the joint. It's like they just didn't understand it. So strange. They enjoyed Parody 2...but only a few people left at that point. (sigh) - but the cool part of the reaction is that I met a guy who does his own act with his wife down the street. Met him last month too, but we talked after the show a bunch this night, and found out he does a bit of construction. Says he could help me make the boxes for the tvs that I've been thinking about for 2 years. So it could be that this is the last night I have to deal with that shitty set-up. It could also be the last time I use tape, as I've found a way to burn Video CDS that will play in some DVD players. So the next show could be DRAAAAAASTICALLY different. Both in set-up, and in the people setting it up....???? Stay tuned for a big announcement in a few weeks... :-)

oooooh...intrigue? mystery? what could it be? That's why you guys pay the big bucks to follow the story of 4tvs so closely. :-)
Hmmm....seems I don't have a whole helluva alot to talk about other than the show...so how 'bout I post the show entry right here...? Shut up....it's not like I'm on my 9th entry of the month or anything. NOT LIKE I'VE DONE 87 ENTRIES. I'll stop being defensive now...
Oh, and please pray for me that I get the 1st pick in my fantasy draft. No one will appreciate Shaquille O'Neal more than me. :-)
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