Entry #86
6:22 PM, Tuesday, October 24th, 2000:
Well I guess it was bound to happen. You can only be in LA for so long before it's mandatory you write a screenplay. I've got stories upon stories, and as you all know the long term goal is movies in my life. So how did this all start?
Watching Clerks I got the jones for B&W film. Just love the look of that film. Of course my OLD camcorder used to do a nice old film effect, but my new digital one wont...or so I thought. Found a way to make change my shutter speed...and that added to the B&W effect, does an incredible job. It's quite tremendous. Way to go sony handicams.
So what's it gonna be about? I dunno. LOL. It's gonna be about me...I think. Maybe me talking to me...or something. I honestly don't have any clue. It's gonna be really funny and 90 minutes. So it's gonna have to have some sort of plot. I know this seems like an ass backwards way of making a movie..but go with me on this one. It'll hit me. All I know is the look and the sharpness and the detail of this digital camcorder is insane. And it LOOKS like film. It's awesome.
YouTube link added 12.20.07
I have of course finished the first 3 minutes. I'll show you guys the first minute. I will admit I'm strange, but I'm unique. And the voice-over is true. My mom actually said that to me. Had she only known. Anyway, tell me what you think of the first minute.
Then what? What do I do with this when I'm done? I guess try and give it to everyone. I think I'll make it a 30 minute short so I can fit it on those nice professional video tapes. Who knows. I just know it's a good idea, and looks really good. That's all I know. And I can provide a kick ass soundtrack with all my songs. I'll just go from there.
GOT the final 2 members of the league!!! Check out these FINE ass logos:
Very excited about the upcoming draft. Should be fun. If any of you think you can get 10 friends together in a week, I'll host that one too. But 10 is the limit for all the leagues. Any more than that just blows. This way everyone gets some great players...
As well, I'll be shooting the new 4tvs set tomorrow (cutting that pretty close aren't I) and will try my best to have it done by Thursday night. Something tells me I'll fail. I'll try though. A lot of people from the apartment complex coming to see the show, should be a good one. I'll post some footage (probably black and white...LOL) on Thursday night or Friday morning...so check it out!
Oh, and J-Dog will have a nice big update to his site then as well. Remember, have your pets write him with their problems, at jdog@4tvs.com!
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