Entry #85
3:32 AM, Saturday, October 21st, 2000:
Could it be? Could it be a brand new 4tvs set? It's only been what...a YEAR? Ooh wait..most people out here think it's all new...I'll shut up now. LOL.
First of all, go start loading the movie NOW. Ya see, I know it takes 5-6 WHOLE minutes to load...but if you start it NOW before you start reading the entry..it'll be done before you are. So click here and get it started...then minimize that page and come back to pappa...k?
So a neighbor of mine, Padraic, knocks on my door and tells me I'm coming to The Magic Castle with him. Well, as you all know I've been bored pretty shitless since Jess has been away at training (she comes back TODAY!) - so I was game. I had to dress in my SUIT to go...pretty ritzy place I guess.
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Little did I realize that this was the premiere magic spot in the world. This huge mansion with rooms upon rooms of magic acts and shows to see. Rooms for just close-up magic, and bigger rooms for bigger stunts. It was pretty cool. Now as you all could guess, being that at one point in my life I've wanted to be EVERYTHING...I wanted to know magic when I was a kid. Big time. Learned all I could, and the thing that always got me was the sleight of hand shit. Insane. I could KIND OF do it, but the pros are well...pros at it. Highly frustrating. Being that's the key to all magic, I was kind of S.O.L. But still took interest in it.
As an adult...I hated seeing magicians...they always pissed me off. They act all cocky when the trick is always just that...a trick. And most of all I couldn't figure it out. That irked me. I truly never liked the BIG magic stuff because it was on such a scale that it didn't matter. Like the Statue of Liberty in '86? Yeah, great one Copperfield. I'm so amazed sitting at home.
So what was it like? Well, the close-up stuff was great. Nothing truly NEW, but done very well. I understood most of the tricks, but was still amazed at the fluidity that these guys pulled them off. And the whole quarter palming thing is the shit. I can only imagine the hours that takes...
Well the moral of all this was a few of them SUCKED. So much so that the whole time, I was sitting there thinking: "you know I could do this a lot better than this clown..." Which of course led to thoughts of 4tvs...and eventually realizing I could do an entire bit with the 4tvs and magic that would be funny as shit. So I'm laying in bed thinking about it, and finally I just couldn't begin to sleep so I had to get up and make a video JUST FOR YOU. Yes...nothing I can use in my act....just a way to get my ideas on tape and make myself laugh. It is rather amusing.
But I'm thinking I may very well be able to pull of an entire 15 minute magic act set. With some actual cool magic as well as just complete BS and arguing between LIVE Adam and a TV. The catch to all this, is I think I can pull this ALL off before my show next Thursday. How cool would that be! Ahh the joy of a new set. How fun. And another direction. I'm realizing now that I can leave an audience with SO MUCH going through their head. "Dude I saw this guy the other day performing with televisions...he did music, and comedy, and magic...and it was incredible..." A complete bombardment simply screaming: "DO SOMETHING WITH ME" "I'M A GOOD INVESTMENT" - LOL.
In other news...the NBA Fantasy league is kicking major butt. I already have 8 of 10 spots filled! And here's the cool part! LOGOS FOR EACH TEAM! Check 'em out:
Now tell me you don't wanna be a part of this league... Only 2 spots left! If you're at all interested...check out my new site email me at adam@4tvs.com and I'll give you more info. It's really gonna be a lot of fun..and hey - you get a free logo. Draft Day is Monday the 30th...or earlier if we get the last 2 soon.
So there's your entry #85. Oh, and I say the "F" word in the movie...so beware. Funny..it's actually the first time I've ever audibly cussed on this website...but I must admit it's worth it. It's truly the clincher for the 60 second movie. And lookeee there...it's already loaded...almost...you should be about 75% there on a 56k modem. :-)
Can't wait to see you Jess!!!!
Later All...
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