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12:09 PM, Sunday, October 15th, 2000:
Why do I do this to myself? LOL - Rest assured this is good news for you...and anyone you know...
So I'm searching the net for a fantasy basketball league online I can join to make the season a little more interesting. I ran a fantasy basketball league a few years back and it's amazing how interesting it makes the season. YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE TO BE A FAN - and you still get into it. So I'm looking and looking and I have to tell you - these online leagues make it so FREAKING confusing. It's gotta be a joke how complex they make this. Points based on about 9 different WEIGHTED categories and all these freakin' RULES for trading...as if anyone has the time to be a REAL GM of a team, you know?
One league actually had a player's shooting percentage count for your team. HOW RETARDED... That completely takes away from the fun of watching a game! You want to be able to yell at the tv for your player to shoot every chance he's got! Not worry about it being a high percentage shot!
So what do I do? I buy the domain name: www.nbafantasy.net and will make MY OWN fantasy league that has only one goal: to make the games more fun to watch. Goddamnit, Adam. Just what I need - more to worry about. But honestly, this will be so simple that even the tiniest B-BALL fan will enjoy being a part of this. You don't have to know ANYTHING about ANY of the current players, and you have just as good of a shot as ANYONE to win the league. Because of the internet, all the players are ranked by position and your team will be created by the roll of a dice. Everyone gets a fair shake, and it simply makes a boring, meaningless game in the middle of the season - fun to watch. You'll all the sudden be a Millwaukee Bucks fan just because a player is on your team and you need some assists. It's really that simple.
As far as money to get in...shit, I'm thinking like $30 a person which works out to $5 a MONTH for the NBA Regular Season. It doesn't even begin to cover the costs I'll have running it...but I don't care. It's fun. It'll take my mind off things. Payout will be $100, $50 and $30 for the top 3 players assuming I get 10 people to play. Again, very little stuff. Maybe later in the season we can have a pot or something. Who knows...not about money...just want to enjoy the season.
So let me again reiterate - if you're even vaguely interested...jump in... Whereas in other leagues you have to know what you're doing, here it's all done for you and the rules are incredibly simple. You'll be amazed at how much fun it is to watch games throughout the year when the players are on YOUR team. And for $5 a month...I mean COME ON.
The league will start on October 31st. So email me immediately if you're interested with a name for your team (John's Jackoffs, Bob's Bigboys etc...). I'm taking the first 10 people interested. Anymore then that in the league and you get really shitty players. If you don't have the $30 right away - it's no biggie. The only person you'll be screwing is me, and I'll be nice enough to let you play anyway. (Now that's some guilt for you!) You will have to come up with the money before December 1st, or you're out. Now even in my weakened condition financially - I can scrounge up $5 a month!
I'll have a complete set of (very simple) rules on the site www.nbafantasy.net in a couple of days. If you're even remotely interested in this, please join in. 10 people will fill up pretty rather quickly. I'll even make you your very own TEAM LOGO just for joining! Now that's incentive!!!
Oh and of course I had to make a video...don't you want to be a part of a fantasy league that has their own promotional video? LOL.
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