Entry #79
10:42 AM, Sunday, October 1st, 2000:
Well, as I eluded to in my last entry, it's time to go through the past 9 "LA" months and a few months previous and compile a list of things I have let slip because soooooooo much has happened this year. So many ideas brought up in these entries, and so many plans, so many people - that I can't keep track of them all. I realize I bring up all these subplots and then don't always update them. Well alot of these people fall off the planet, and others I have forgotten about. Quite a few of the ideas depend on cash, but it's good not to forget them - I may have some of that someday. So here they all are in absolutely random order, as to not have a "bottom" of the list I ignore:


Seems a foregone conclusion that I wouldn't go ahead with these since there is no Late Show, but damnit - I still really want to. I have them all finished, I just have to package them...put a little work into them. There's 4 Late Show CDs yet to be made. 3 from CD101, and one hybrid CD of both WTVN and CD101.


The Top 15 Listener Bits
This CD is completed and ready to go. It's one continuous 74 minute show with Late Show Openers (including the ones Jerry Springer did for me), and of course the Top 15 Listener Bits. It's funny as hell. I listen to it in my car quite often. I basically need to create some cover art and commit myself to it. I just have a problem making a "home" disc. It makes it seem cheap, and I'd like to do them professionally as I did my 2 music CDs, and the 2 Anthologies from WTVN.
The Other 15 Listener Bits
A few people were a bit irked that "their" bits didn't make the top 15...well there were a total of 32 listener bits and just enough to knock off 2 really shitty ones and make another great CD. I haven't done this yet, but if I make the Top 15, I will make the "other 15" at the same time and make them look uniform. Click here to see descriptions of ALL the listener bits (including some mp3s).
Star Wars Blew (and other touching parodies)
Originally entitled: "Top 20 Listener Bits", I decided to be like "Weird Al" Yankovic and make it a solo disc. This CD is also completed and awaiting cover art. I want the cover to be a shot of me in a movie theater looking at the screen in disbelief as the dozens of people around me dressed in star wars gear are cheering. It looks funny as hell in my mind. The other problem of course comes from selling these songs. They're parodies and I'm not sure what the legal issues are. Oh well...I gotta get this one done...but where do I get the cover shot?
Late Show Leftovers

Well, there was still about 200 more bits that just never made it on CD, and well, I took the best of those and made Late Show Leftovers. All I'm in need of is the cover art which I thought should be a shot of an open refrigerator with a SHITLOAD of tupperwear with masking tape on each container saying the names of each track. Whew, long sentence. Again, money and time keeps this from being produced to sell. Then again, I could pull it off cheaply, but who would buy it?


I need to have mp3 clips of every listener bit, and 30 second clips of every parody song, and my own original songs on the site. Period - end of story. Now that Scott has donated his server space, I have no excuse. They're very small, and easy to create, just incredibly time consuming.


I need to push this more. It's so cool, and I haven't even begun to promote it. Verotel - the people doing my credit card sales lost my contract and I still haven't received money from those...and I also need to finish the "fading pages" after entry #20 within the site. All of this could be completed within an afternoon. Print up a lot of ads and drive them to a bunch of coffee shops. And resend my contract....bastards.


An immense undertaking that needs to be done in relatively short time. My father is releasing his first CD in the coming months and would like to have the site launch at the same time. I've already done the hard part in creating a structure for the site, the rest is just busy work. Scanning and compressing and framing basically. Have a feeling I'll get on a 3-4 day run of it and complete a lot of it.

The Spot Network

An idea that I had in 1996 came into the forefront a few weeks back when I met Brian Rich. A guy who has a background in radio like me who came to LA and does all sorts of cool showbiz stuff. You may remember him from my earlier entries as "the guy who dated Nora Dunn"...so strange. Anyway, I need to keep on him with this. I don't want this to fade away. This is a great idea, that no one's doing...and yes I'm keeping the specifics to quiet.

This one gets released THIS MONTH! J-Dog's been keeping up on writing his journal entries, but I need to get everything up and running. What a fun site this is gonna be. Look for it on Halloween.
The Ultimate Boyles MP3 Disc

Haven't done a lot with this since I announced it last month, but I need to get crackin' don't I. Have all the mp3's completed and all the work is gonna be in the presentation. It's gonna be a cool interractive CD-ROM with so much cool shit, you won't be able to put it down. This WILL make the November 26th deadline.

X-Men Movie Minded

Such an indefinite hold. No one's asking for it at HST, but I personally want to see it done. It's all free work, but seems a bit dated already. I'm glad they waited on making more of these until it sells, but I have a feeling the people at isyndicate aren't pushing it. Oh well, as I've said before - I have no control here, so I can't really stress about it. Then again, it's October and NOTHING. Either way, for history purposes, I want to complete the X-Men Movie Minded...someday.

4tvs in the comicbook: Timespell

Remember this? Announced in Entry #11 back in January. Rich Henn is the creator of this comic, and is in the same boat as I am: A million good ideas and a few bucks short of seeing them come to life. The issue that I'm appearing in is still in the works and believe you me, the second I get any of the preliminary drawings I'll post them immediately!

Guiness Record for Crooning

My crooning submission. I wrote about this in entry #57. I was sitting at the piano and thought, I bet I could break the all time record for singing and playing the piano without stopping. And after staying up for 60 hours for my grandmother last week, I'm even more sure. I wrote to them, and still got no response. What else can I do? I guess I should try and write to them again.


Contacting Mike Nesmith

Guy told me to do this after seeing my show in June. Said that Nesmith would love 4tvs and could help me out. I went to his site and wrote him, but have heard nothing...I should write him again. Help from a Monkee...please don't hate me Mr. Lennon.

Rob Henning

Remember this guy? LOL. Doing the short film and said he wanted me in it. He talked with the producers and they approved it! And he still wouldn't give me an email address or a phone number or anything. This was "Generic LA Man" at his finest. Talk, talk, talk and has shit to show for it. You know the real people from the fakes in this city right away, because the real ones waste no time in showing you who they are and what they do. Not so with Rob. Who knows, he'll probably win an oscar next year, and I'll be eating my words. Then again, I'll eat nothing - I call them as I see them and this guy is an amateur in this town. And if he continues to treat people this way, he will stay an amateur.

Behind The Music 3

Thank God I remembered this one! I made a quick little video of me on Behind The Music.....3 - the show that follows up and coming actors that have NO fame, NO fortune, NO nothing... Just an opening video, but it looks so realistic it got me excited. I wanted to make a full length vidoe along with the song I wrote called: Behind The Music 3. The song is funny as shit, and it's also the perfect final song for a 4tvs set that I want to make with Bread in the Freezer and Sweet Dreams. As well as the 4tvs set, I want to make the video and the song and send it to VH1. This is another idea that I think will just kick ass if done right. I can't see how it won't get me at least some exposure...I REALLY NEED to work on this. So glad I remembered this one!

DVDFILE Banner Ad!

Man did this slip my mind! The DVDfile.com creator offered to give me free advertising and I never made the banner ad! Well, honestly I don't know how to make a good banner ad. I'm slowly learning flash and I know a quick banner ad would be simple as hell, but of course I don't want mine to be simple, I want it to stand out so I've now let this opportunity go for nearly 6 months. JESUS. Ok, I will have this done by the end of the month.

The Second 4tvs push

It's time. I need to look for some money gigs. I'll do all my "exposure" gigs at lulu's, but I need to push the paying gigs. This act can make money. The first one of course is the plam springs casino that the Director of the place told me about. That would be nice. Paying gigs and comedy clubs. Of course comedy club gigs will mean:

Rennovating 4tvs

In order to do the comedy club gigs, I'm gonna have to put the money into the 4tvs boxes that will enclose the tvs. If I make 4 seperate boxes, I can have all the wires pre installed, and have NO set up other than putting the top tvs on the bottom tvs, and rolling them out. This will allow me to be part of a "line-up" of comics, whereas the current set-up just nixes it. And as well, how nice would it be to make the set up easier. It sucks. To pull this rennovation off I'll most likely need $1000. Where do I get this money...

4tvs sets on disc

The final part of the 4tvs spruce up would be to finally but the sets on disc. I've been saying DVD for so long, but it is still incredibly expensive. People are charging $400 for 120 minute DVDs and I'd need 2 of them. I am NOT paying $800 for 2 discs. Hell, for another $1200 I can buy a burner from panasonic this christmas. Now the alternative are VCD discs. These are big in Japan, and are produced incredibly cheap. As well they can be played in some DVD players. Downside is they look like shit. About as good as VHS. Well I'm using SVHS right now, and the difference is huge. I'm not sure if I can handle popping down to VCD for convenience. It also would suck because I can only have 1 set on a VCD disc, whereas I could fit 8 on 1 DVD. Then again, VCD's can be produced for about $50....now wait a second...I'm a complete moron. It's exactly the same isn't it. :-) $800 for 16 VCD discs, and $800 for 2 DVDs. GODDAMNIT why is DVD authoring so expensive!!!! Apparently it's the encoding, which I may be able to do ahead of time with the software I have, but would I then just bring in my HARDDRIVE? Who knows...must find out more about this.

Danny Rae

The karaoke guy. This guy completely blew me off, or had others blow me off. I was going down to the farmer's market and planning with him on how to help him. He was also gonna help me get 4tvs gigs, but I could never get a hold of him. He had my CD, and website, and phone number and everything. Then karaoke was cancelled. I left messages...and even the manager at Barney's Beanery left messages for me - but nothing. This guy really pisses me off. But, that's what happened to him.

The Morning DJ

This is hopeless...I've forever lost this guy's card. He saw an early 4tvs show and wanted to put me on the air. I think it was cable radio, but still...he said he had the same agent as Howard Stern. Hmmm. Oh well...some of you may remember me mentioning him, and that's all I can say.

Adam Kontras 101

My working original music project. Have written a few more songs actually, but unfortunately - just no way to record them. I guess there's some great audio programs I can pull of on my computer, and just maybe I'll be putting some stuff together soon. Brian is gonna loan me some programs, as I loaned him some earlier in the week.

Kevin Eubanks
This is just a joke. I shouldn't waste anymore time with this...or should I? I sent him an early 4tvs tape because I talked to him about 3 years ago back at 'TVN. He said to send him some of the "a capella" stuff I was doing, and I thought just maybe he'd respond to the tape of what that a capella stuff turned into. Obviously didn't hear from him, but it's stupid to even keep trying. I'll keep it in my brain...the problem is I can't really call him. I guess I could just write him over and over. I'll stew on it a bit...it's not like I don't have a few other things to think about.


Hollywood Screentest Redesign

The one thing I'm getting paid to do, that I put dead last. I won't read too far into that, as this is a list in random order...but it is a daily grind on my head, that as you've all read is packed full of so much shit I don't know what to do with myself sometimes.


Well, there you go. I've printed that up and will hopefully be a bit more organized. It makes me overwhelmed of course, because I have so much to do, but can't afford to do half of those things. How shitty. But baby steps will get me there...

Did you actually read all of this?
Yet another inside into my head. I'm just full of all sorts of shit aren't I.
Oh, the video is actually another thing that could go on the "to do" list - going through old tapes and transferring them to a digital format before they wear out. I found something very freakin' cool. It's really the birthplace of 4tvs. December 6th, 1995. I made a video for my song "Say it to Me" on my first CD. Anyway, here's a clip...pretty cool...
YouTube link added 02.13.09

Well, the next entry should be the announcement of the HST winner for the MTV commercial. Wish me luck.