7:36 AM, Monday, June 3rd 2024:
Replaced the alternator. Also upped the amps a bit, too...
It was kinda cool having Cam unknowingly just provide a decade worth of exposition to start the video. LOL. I really dig kind of reliving the past 10 years of The Journey in VR180 format. I mean how many flat videos do I have of working on that MOTHERFUCKING CAR.
But yeah, it's a lot - and now I can feel the breakdown and rebuild in VR180. Not sure why that's good but I like giving newcomers this well rounded picture of what my life has been. I feel like a VR180 GolfKon event has to be in the future. Would be cool to produce. Wildly time consuming though...
So yeah - got a new battery and replaced the alternator because... just because. I wanted a higher amp alternator anyway and they're not super expensive so I just fixed her up. Don't really know if it's working though until I drive it for awhile. I don't do that until the 15th and I guess we'll find out then!
And let me also say... I'm pretty thankful for that car. I talk enough shit about it, but in a two week span I made a small fortune and while I'm desperately fighting for a Virtual Presence contract? That helps a BUNCH. Let's me breathe a bit this summer.
BUT GODDAMNIT IT'S TIME JOURNEY GODS. Make this shit happen. My dude at Bally is a champion and is lining up meetings not only at his company but individual teams... it's going to happen. Just have to be patient.