7:33 AM, Friday, May 31st 2024:
So this is a strange one for me...
As I've shown in some of the Journey entries the last couple years, Vienna enjoys making videos and had been asking to make a TikTok channel. Considering the future of TikTok is somewhat in doubt and the fact that she likes making more long-term videos as well... YouTube seemed to be a good choice.
Of course the normal concerns as parents are in our brains about internet exposure, etc. Obviously the Journey kind of made their lives public so-to-speak, but it's not monetized. They aren't content. This is my journal. But the reason I finally helped her make this channel is she's consistently wanted to (for years now), has no interest in money... she just wants to share her goofy thoughts. I've warned her about mean comments... but at her age? Maybe she needs to be exposed to that as well. Listen if there was a world without social media or screens or whatnot... fine. Let's go. But this is reality. I'd rather ease her into that world in a creative way than shield her from all of it - and then BOOM. The kids don't have phones, I seriously don't see any reason until high school, and they think social media is stupid. Sure some of their friends have all that and they honestly just don't care. They can message on their ipads... but generally don't. I dont know. I sometimes wonder if it's specifically BECAUSE we didn't hound them on screen time that they're so blasé about it... Our rules have always been pretty simple: do your homework (well) and get 10,000 steps a day. You do that? Your free time is your free time. And they knock it the fuck out of the park. They're both straight-A students (I think one B each - lol) and have actually started MAKING money off their steps. Every 1,000 after 15,000 I give 'em a buck up to 20,000. They adore taking $5 from me. Then on a day when they fall short? They can forgo screens the next day or apply the $ to get them up to 10,000. Basically, it's like real life. You have to budget your time, your money, your life. If they're doing that? Sit and watch Pokémon cartoons all day. You've earned it. The thought of ripping the device away from them at a certain minute feels almost like an invasion.
Anyway, that is a rant... didn't mean to get on that. But it is weird making a channel for your kid. She's just so creative. She breathes that shit. From what she wears to what she finds funny, to how she thinks... it's unique and, well, kind of familiar. Except for the fashion thing. If I never had to think about clothing for the rest of my life it would be... well, it would be quite simlar because I don't. I don't have pants on now, and if it weren't for people coming over I dont think I'd ever wear pants. My whole mind/body/soul is based on spending time with my family and creating the next thing. Over and over.
I'm very lucky... and of course I'm very proud of Vienna. Oh and yes, please subscribe:
Adam, AKA "Girl Dad"