3:14 PM Tuesday, May 22nd 2024:
The Delorean headlights were never great to begin with. People almost always had to use the brights (which was literally a second set of headlights) a process that bent the faschia on almost every Delorean due to overuse. Check pictures and you'll see a slight bump in the plastic over them which has lead many owners to just never use the brights now. I detatched them all together to save on battery power since that has ALWAYS been an issue since the swap. I digress...
...so when I left the gig it was rough to say the least. I couldn't see too far ahead of me and I remember thinking it was just a product of there being ZERO lights on these back roads. However once I got to the main roads, people were flashing their lights at me because my headlights were so dim. I was basically having a brownout. The crew kept wanting to use my headlights (which are hooked up to the main battery, whereas the other lights have separate batteries) and try as I might to turn them off when the takes were over... they were on for quite a bit. But I was sure that once I got the car running, the alternator would take over and we'd be fine. Oh how wrong I was. As I kept going down the road it continued to be dim and in fact my power was dying as there wasn't enough juice to tell my fuel injectors when to fire (I'm presuming this). Then when I got onto the freeway I was barely able to get it into 6th gear and then lightly press the gas to keep it at around 60 before the power dropped. Of course doing this for 60 miles is really fun... I eventually got behind a semi that was going slow and I used HIS BIGASS to warn me of the turns ahead because my headlights were useless. If I could just stay behind him I should be able to get home.
This was terrifying and I should've pulled off immediately and called AAA. But at 1am... and you've already made it half way? You're thinking you can just hang on. It was touch and go though... when eventually the engine just backfired, sputtered out... and I pulled off onto a shoulder in the pitch black with hardly any battery power to keep lights on in the back of the car to keep people from plowing into me.
Fun. So I called AAA, let them know that no, I was indeed NOT in a safe situation, and to HELP. After the call I sat in my car for a few minutes and braced for every car flying past until I finally just said fuck it and got out and jumped the railing so at least I could survive. Delorean be damned.
Which brings us to the video... which just feels SO GODDAMNED real in VR180.
That shot of us under the car may be my favorite shot of all-time. Just like in the last entry talking about being on the hunt for a cool shot, I remember putting the gimbal down and thinking "man, this should look pretty cool" and I audibly gasped when I saw that for the first time in my headset. Guys, you're there. From someone who WAS there, I can assure you - that's what it felt like (and looked like) to be there. If you're watching that in 8k60? I'd almost say it looks better than the reality of that desolate stretch of highway. I really want to put together a short narrative film with all I've learned from these 100 videos.
Oh and this is the 100th VRlog and what better way to celebrate than another Delorean breakdown. LMAO. I swear. JUST WHEN YOU THINK YOUR OUT THEY PULL YOU BACK IN.
Though shit, I've made more money on the 3 gigs I've had in the last 2 weeks than the previous 12 months COMBINED. I'll take it. Bally is taking forever and DADDY GOT BILLZ. Good fuck did I need that $30k from the Super Bowl in January.
So I make another friend with a tow-truck driver (I swear we could throw a party) and at some point I need to figure out if I need a new alternator (most likely) and new batteries (most definitely). For some reason my main battery for the engine (which was purchased in 2021) won't hold a charge. I mean what the ever-loving fuck. How can that fucker only last 3 years? It cost THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS.

Alright - kids are out of school for the summer this week! I believe the next video will be a Pokemon convention with Cam on Sunday or maybe introducing Vienna's own YouTube channel... good shit!