10:28 AM Wednesday, May 11th, 2024:
It just seems wrong to make a journey entry with a video that I may NEVER have the right to share publicly. However... I don't really have a choice here. This is a seminal moment. This needs to be set in stone and maybe by The Official Journey Vol. 3 release in 2030 it'll be no big deal to share this. Who knows. I just know that the reel I just finished is... man what is the word. How do I describe this correctly...
I mean you all saw me emotional last year with the Rams Reel. That was kind of my introduction to the WOW factor of what I was producing. Sure, I felt it with the baseball stuff - but the NFL peeps relying on me to make a good reel to greenlight the Super Bowl? That added some tension and then the reel WORKED?!?! That amazing entry in December with the phone call from my NFL contact saying how well the reel went over and that the Super Bowl was ON was one of the best days of my life. From the money to the experience I was about to have... to the faith I had to have in a vacuum to get there? It was just a beautiful, wonderful moment...
...that we all know was erased a month later. That laid the groundwork for intestinal fortitude that people keep assuming that I just HAVE. I mean I can't deny that I have it, but my past has never really helped the crushing moments. I never have this sense of focus and determination that people assume I have when it crashes. It feels like a new disaster EACH TIME. Even now... even sharing what is clearly a monumnetal moment of achieving the NFL/NBA/NHL and MLB Presence reel? There's still no contract, still nothing to really show for all of this and I still have to keep pushing and MAKE people believe to push this to the next level. But good FUCK the ducks are really in a row. I've watched this 5 times. Each time I just shake my head because I cannot believe I actually pulled off this access.
So here is where the private video will go...
...but let's assume you watched it. See what I mean? Saying it's undeniable no longer quantifies. That's every major league sport and a few Olympic sports thrown in from New Zealand. If I witnssed that out of the blue, I would presume whatever company produced that reel is CLEARLY the preeminent VR180 sports producer on the planet. No other company has secured that access or could show that reel. Apple has done the MLS - and I saw a baseball clip in one of their reels in-store... but that's it! There's rumors of something with Kevin Durant... but the truth is, they hold everything so close to the vest and hide it on a headset that didn't sell well... and that leaves a massive opening of 20 million headsets hungry for this. Besides, multiple companies have access to these sports, so it hardly matters if Apple has the upper-hand. That's what's so wonderful about going the broadcasting route instead of the leagues themselves: the broadcasters HAVE the right to show all of this behind-the-scenes stuff... they've just never had a way to monetize it because it's boring as hell in 2D. Virtual Presence changes ALL of that. As cliché as it sounds, it's a game-changer. And every broadcaster could add this to their offerings TODAY.
This is just massive. No other way to put it. I'm not at the mercy of an individual league anymore. And again, the NFL merger will go through at any moment and it could all be back on the table... but because of the Super Bowl cancellation, I've now secured all the other leagues and am months into talks with a nationwide broadcaster. Talk about a turnaround.
And THAT is how you make lemonade out of lemons.