12:07 PM Wednesday, May 8th, 2024:
Well that was nice. No matter how "done" I am with RentTheDelorean.com, I always appreciate the corporate gigs. Towing the car is soooooooooo much nicer than driving it... a comped night in a hotel? Always relaxing... being able to have Talya with me? Perfect. It was only one night (I actually had a gig last week just like this, but Talya couldn't come) but it's enough... ya know? It's a great break in the midst of parentdom... and a small taste of what empty-nesting will feel like in the 2030s.
Of course my favorite part about these gigs are seeing that car in bizarre locations. This car that I look at daily in my backyard... that up close is really beat to shit. I mean, by design - but also quite literally. It represents so many HARD moments of my life... and then you park it in this courtyard and it's CLASSY! ELEGANT! And now I belong NOWHERE NEAR it. LMFAO. Talya is pretty, she fits. And it's not that I think I'm hideous, but I clearly don't belong here. Everything about me screams "fundamental". Though I am getting close enough to a weight where I can again where my "flash" clothes. Look for that near the end of July.
Anyway - for the video, I did away with the normal voice-over and let the VR180 viewers sink into the views and take in the nice, long, edits. I do adore this format...
Alright - Bally phone call later today to talk about strategy going forward! Here we go!