6:25 PM Monday, May 6th, 2024:
Believe it or not this is still bittersweet to me. Yup, wasn't able to leave it behind just so fast. I did the exact same thing with Fastest Delorean. I was bummed Kenny wasn't at the Akron Rubberducks pitch with me and Don. As INSANE as that seems, it was popping in and out of my head the whole time. It's a trait I guess I've always had. I clearly see the crossroads in real-time... and then continue to follow the alternate paths as time marches on. This is indeed an alternate timeline where a friend took a wrong turn at Albuquerque (nailed that spelling on the FIRST try - thank you Weird Al) and I'm left goin' through these moments in a bit of a vacuum...
...but it's pretty clear that it's not for long. I had to do this podcast alone for one reason and one reason only: news was so good and I had to catch everyone up. That's an amazing reason. If you've read the NHL and NBA entries you pretty much know the news but I get more into the whole "*** Presence" concept I had last July and how I actually freaking did it. I still cannot believe I achieved even the ACCESS to pull off the concept and will now be pitching a 4-sport concept in the coming weeks. Goodness that's hard to even process. Alas, the video...
Man that gash on my nose is truly special. I was working on the bathtub faucet and the shelf on the shower head fell a few feet down, DIRECTLY on my nose and split it right open. That was like... a month ago. Yeah, I'm afraid that's gonna be a permanent one. I don't know how I've avoided fuckin' up my face considering the ridiculous amount of construction things I've done... but I may have done it this time. Hopefully it lessens over time, but boy that's a helluva placement. It's so funny, all I think of? Is the Egos. LOL. You can't do the egos and have each member have the same scar. I'm sure make-up would cover that up... but it's where my mind goes immediately. Funny... I guess that performer never dies. Christ I don't want to have to wear make-up because I have to stop people from staring at a scar on my nose.
Ahhhh balance.
Anyway - should have a Delorean gig as the next entry... heading to San Diego. Welcome to May!