10:27 AM Sunday, April 19th, 2024:
Goodness. After watching this footage, that's all I can say. I really didn't know how well this would work... to me the NBA has always been the most OBVIOUS use of this technology. NFL surprised me, but getting THAT close in natural sunlight?!?! Yeah, makes sense that it turned out so well.

NHL however? Arena lighting, players completely covered... this felt pretty rough. But man, the end result? Up against the glass? Wow. I even got a couple plays in the infamous "still photographer" hole in the glass which was just incredible.
So the day was a very strange one for me... because you're not REALLY supposed to be there, you don't REALLY have a job, you just kind of have to find your spots and pull off what you can. The goal of course is proving to Bally that we can make enough content from a shoot that it's worth their time and money. From one game we have about 5 obvious pieces... and that's without ANY help really. No producer lining up interviews, no plans, no locker room access - You could pretty easily pull close to 10 separate pieces if we put some work into it... which is how I really think this goes. NFL was set on a weekly 30 minute piece and I had no choice but to follow their lead, but my gut tells me it will be individual 4-6 minute pieces that people pick and choose from in their headset. I think you could also produce a longer piece that incorporates everything, sure, but from a comfort standpoint and knowing this industry as I do... bite size pieces are gonna be king for a couple more years.
And of course on Tuesday? We do the NBA. Cannot believe it. We were so close to losing this season and since Bally doesn't cover today's game, Tuesday could be it. I have little faith the Clippers are gonna get past the Mavs who have been playing so well. Possibly one more home game (Game 5) would be here in LA, but that's pretty much it and Bally doesn't cover past the first round! So, whew. Just in time.
Anyway - just like 6 months ago, here's all I can really share... but rest assured - there will be more coming!
NHL Presence. I cannot believe I'm gonna have all 4 major league sports with a presence logo. That was a freaking pipe-dream last year and here we are. Remember the name of that first VRlog? Presence. Sometimes the fairy tale comes through.

The NBA awaits...