9:02 AM, Thursday, April 4th, 2024:
So the first "connection" from the real-estate pitch I did last month ends up being an ambitious young dude who simply wanted to sell my product. He watched it, and then proceeded to tell me why I needed a salesman and how he was that guy. Exchanged cards and he continued to bug me (which I actually loved) and a few phone calls later? He's employee one and as excited about selling this as I am. And he's younger... not sure he's HUNGRIER? 'Cause I'm a little insane? But he can give me a run for my money and, well, he has time that I don't have.

When he was picking up his new business cards, I noticed it was April and time for another Virtual Presence Podcast - so BOOM, #4:
Good stuff. He and his friend are pretty much a team, so he's getting business cards as well. The two of them seem absoutely certain they're starting at the ground floor of something and this video is basically a loyalty pledge from me: I respect how you approached this, you're part of the team as long as you want to be.
Now let's go get shit done.