2:37 PM, Tuesday, April 2nd, 2024:
After ten of these hunts (The Halloween Candy Hunt of 2020 included), we told the kids last year: YOUR TURN. Only so many different ways to hide things. Of course this also meant they were the ones filming it... and, well, at least this is a starting point we can all look back on. LOL
Now that shot through Nakatomi tower was the shit, so all the props in the world to that one dude... everything else is easily fixed with a little training. Funny how tall we look when a kid holds the camera.
Not a whole lot left to say come to think of it. Uhm... the whole "we'll clean the house" or "we'll be quiet" is completely never happening. I don't think they truly understand what it would mean if we woke up on a Sunday and started telling them to do everything we do. Fuck, mostly Talya since I'm doing a bazillion things at once. Kids (understandably) don't realize that you're always cleaning, always cooking, always moving... and RARELY thinking of your own wants/needs.

Come to think of it? Pulling the butler/maid card could very well be a very funny video... hmmm...