4:05 PM, Sunday, March 31st, 2024:
The silent week.
Guys, I'm not made for this shit anymore. The highs and lows of starting this production company are bonkers. I've never had meetings this good... and then have everything vanish into the ether for no discernable reason. Over two weeks from the 2nd round of meetings with Bally and a ghost from one of the participants, no way to contact the other... and the only one I can contact saying "It's in his court, I'll let ya know when I hear something" which means my involvement is... done.
Once you can't follow up anymore? Once you're done emailing or texting? That's usually the death knell. Usually means the dudes DID talk to the next level, they weren't interested and they don't know how to tell you so they just kinda wander away...
As for the realtors? Well I got a "Client Relations" guy out of it. Ambitious dude who feels certain he can get work... made him some fancy business cards and we're on our way there... but nothing from the actual realtor peeps I contacted after the talk. That was most definitely a long game so that's not a big bummer, but it does mean I'm out of avenues to pursue there.
All that's really left? My Zoom meeting with Meta on Thursday. That could lead to so much. They postponed it 10 days for another person to be part of the meeting so I have to assume they've seen some of the stuff I've produced (finally) and are like "Why aren't we having this guy shoot shit for us?". So all energy goes to that moment...
...and of course, tomorrow is April. The beginning of the fiscal year which means we should hear a yay or nay on the Disney/ESPN merger with NFL Media... like this week? If it's happening it would seem it would have to be this week.
So that vacuum of news leaves me with... Nanny Joan. An interview I did a year ago for my "Day in Their Life" series that got postponed because of Costa Rica and then Columbus and then the NFL. Figured I'd finally put that back together and I'm pretty stoked with how it turned out. Such a nice story to cover...
Glad I was able to put that together for her. Have to find a time to run a headset up to her and show her. Good stuff.
Oh and I pulled off my first calendar month of all VR180... that's pretty cool. Streak will end with the easter egg hunt in the next one since the kids filmed US and I wasn't handing them the VR180 rig. Oh and I have a gig with a Tesla Cybertruck Tuesday so we'll see if we can't get some VR180 of that bad boy.
Alright, I'm so glad we're done with this quarter of the year. Brutal as fuck. Here's to the 2nd quarter.