3:16 PM, Saturday, March 23rd, 2024:
That was incredible. Uhm, I'll start with the video...
I've already had two phone calls yesterday and today, one about shooting a property and another being a young salesman that feels this is the future and wants to be involved any way possible getting work for Virtual Presence Productions. Like... a younger me with money signs in his eyes fueling some hunger. Boy do I need one of THOSE people. That could be a connection that really moves this forward. He has a bunch of music contacts and he's just... ON IT.

As well? My goodness is there ever a bad way to impress multi-millionaires? They all loved it, they all took my card, they all said they wanted to work with me. I got a few cards in return, but more than anything? They all know what's possible and at the moment? There is no other way to go. They can call every production house on the planet and no one has done as much as I have to be SURE. It's an amazing feeling. Talya and I were also able to get SO MANY people in and out of those 4 headsets. It was wild. Kinda fun too. Screwed up and showed a few people a version with too high of a bitrate that had some stuttering issues... I'll beat myself up about that for easily another 37 days, but otherwise - we corrected that for the majority of people after that and again, the response was just... as I've said for months now: perfect. In fact that's all my speech was about: the response. Not sure what else you can really say to a group of people who haven't yet seen it. And that is indeed the point: it's the most powerful way to present video that's ever been invented. It's the dawn of a new era...

Now I can absolutely see me doing another one of these AFTER I've shot some real-estate stuff and then I can give a more well-rounded reel to explain it and show SPECIFIC examples of what's possible. Man... ya know what's crazy? This should be the peak excitement. Like - had I not even GOTTEN the Super Bowl (so the loss didn't FLOOR me), I am so far beyond where I was just a few weeks ago... wow. So excited. The sky is the limit and I have a feeling I'm going to be extremely busy very, very soon.
PS - Vienna broke her big toe smacking it into a step, is now in a cast, and it suuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks. I feel so bad for her. She only has to be in the cast for 4 weeks, but for a girl who has an issue with "itchy socks" this is next level stuff for her. May need to do a video about her and her cast here this week. Thank goodness basketball and the talent show was over!!!