12:34 PM, Sunday, March 17th, 2024:
Goodness, I finally get to talk about all of this.. or you can just watch it! Your choice:
So yeah, Bally Sports, Pete Davidson and the UCI Real Estate meeting... 3 massive spokes in an ever-expanding wheel of Virtual Presence Productions. This week should be very, very influential for the foundation of this company. Hoping to have the 3rd (and final?) round of meetings this week at Bally and shooting something during the freeway series between the Dodgers and the Angels (3/24-3/26)... then again that may be cutting it close considering how hard it is to organize these meetings. The UCI conference presentation this Thursday should open up an entirely new phase of production - but honestly just hoping for any sort of direction there. Like, one contact there makes it worthwhile - but I feel like it's certainly a "long game" avenue where I'll get a bunch of business cards and have to follow through and find a way to make it work. And finally, I have my meeting with Meta about Pete Davidson a week from tomorrow and I just hope they give some insight on what I've already produced as well as what they can do for Pete. I feel like Meta would be crazy given what I've produced to not want to hire me in some capacity and then of course I have to balance the pros and cons of THAT because I don't see how I could be exclusive with them with the NFL and Bally Sports in the mix. Maybe I personally could but not Virtual Presence Productions. Who knows.
BUT IT'S ALL HAPPENING. This is easily the best week since the NFL and honestly the Bally Sports thing could DWARF the NFL. It's 4 major league sports across the entire county. GotDAMN. I've already started lining up camera ops and editors so I can give Bally a better idea of what it entails. Oh and I have to assume some of you didn't watch that so let me just say: the 2nd Bally meeting was bonkers. Two people, one was so impressed he literally though I was selling these headsets and wanted to buy one. That's how WELL my content sells the device. JESUS Meta is really missing the boat on this one. 20 million users and none of them know they can view video like this because it's hidden among absolute horseshit.
That's what my meeting is for a week from tomorrow! Let's DO THIS!
Alright - real estate entry up next...