10:50 AM, Thursday, March 14th, 2024:
Wow, I had literally written off Bally Sports after 3 weeks and BOOM: meeting tomorrow with the big guy... well the next level "big guy". So many titles, so many meetings. Also have a meeting with META now?!?!! I'll get to all of that in the next entry - but to anyone trying to follow all of this? It's why I have to post quickly and the fact that I'm STILL waiting on the video from the school has delayed so much. The Journey moves pretty fast... and having to spend a week (and two entries) to document one day just ain't gonna fly...
...but BOY was this one of those days. I already cry watching this video, cannot imagine what I'll do in ten years. Boy I hope you can see this in a headset:
If you were able to? And had any theater experience? Whew. Even THAT made me emotional: just missing musical theater. The sense of commaraderie before, during and after the show... it's second to none. Now there's a whole other side to this video that I left out and it KILLED me to do it, but I really had no right to show it and I know not everyone processes these moments the same way.
This talent show had 60 acts and they made that shit FLYYYYYYYYY. I mean, FLY. The direction was so tight and so professional... I mean, I get it - we're in Hollywood, but what the fuck. These kids have no concept of what they're involved in at such a young age - but man... they're learning. Goodness are they learning. And the best thing I saw the entire night (all of which was recorded) was a kid missing his cue to come out on stage and how everyone dealt with it as calmly as I may have ever seen. The kids were calm, the director was calm... I mean - even her TONE asking where the kid was on her headset was akin to asking what the temperature might be this weekend. I mean... staggeringly calm and cool... then when the kid did show up - she directed him PERFECTLY, got him calm and ready to go and everything went on like nothing happened. BOOM: onto the next one.
Guys, this is rare. Especially for a public elementary school. I am gobsmacked at the professionalism and end result. I desperately wanted to show that, but of course I don't want anyone to feel embarrassed... something I'm super cautious about with MY kids, it's not even something I can TOUCH with other people's kids. And on that subject? If I'm a parent of a kid that was in that show and I happen upon this video and I don't see my kid? Oh GODDDMAN would it hurt. I have such an intense visceral feeling when I view these videos and my immediate thought is: "Oh I wish I had this earlier... oh I wish I had more..." to be a parent seeing this and knowing "My kid's act is next! Oh, he just cut away..." would fucking FLOOR me. I'm just so sorry. I know my empath gene as a parent is a little extreme here, but it feels SO UNFAIR to show ONE bit over ANOTHER bit. Ya know? The school would NEVER do that... and there's just no way I have much other choice with file sizes like this... To give you an idea - to cover this properly would've taken 2 cameras with two 2tb cards each. Just the memory cards would be $4000. Forget about the days of processing and rendering... overlaying the flat video... for a finished product that NO ONE CAN SEE.
...but it's still really unfair and I just want to hug every parent whose kid got excluded. IT WAS NOT BASED ON TALENT. It was based on access and technical shit.


So there it is. To those who could see it, hope you felt present!
PS - I also can't imagine YouTube won't copyright strike this into oblivion, if so check DeoVR and subscribe to FirstVlogger. They're based out of Slovenia and apparently have fuck-all copyright issues. <shrugs> You can watch it flat there as well...